Favorite Art Supplies

Art Journal Supplies 

After working on art journals for a while now, I've discovered some of the best art supplies online that can transform one's simple art journal pages into stellar works of art. If you're looking to experiment and try out a variety of materials, or are new to art journaling and don't know where to start, then read on to discover amazing art supplies, such as gel pens, paint pens, and acrylic paints, which are inexpensive and easy to purchase online.

Sharpie Fine Pen | Find art journal supplies at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005DEW31W/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B005DEW31W&link_code=as3&tag=wwwmiriamschu-20&linkId=7Y7FXKETJXVSB2IZ
Sanford Sharpie Extra-Fine Pastel Paint Pen, Assorted Colors

White Brush Pen | Discover art journal supplies at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005HF5HNI/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B005HF5HNI&link_co
Pitt Big Brush Pen 101 White

Broad Point Gel White Pen | Find great art journal supplies at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CUKUA4Y/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B00CUKUA4Y&link_code=as3&tag=wwwmiriamschu-20&linkId=ODAZ6JECUY7WN4JY
Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point Gel Impact Pen White 1-Pen

Liquitex Surface Prep | Discover art supplies at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001UNPDCG/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B001UNPDCG&link_code=as3&tag=wwwmiriamschu-20&linkId=YM2XJJL2C6XLAGRP
Liquitex Professional Clear Gesso Surface Prep Medium, 32-oz

Liquitex Matte Fluid | Follow this link for the best art journal supplies: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000IYWYNE/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B000IYWYNE&link_code=as3&tag=wwwmiriamschu-20&linkId=U6XMODV45C2LPSKW
Liquitex Professional Matte Fluid Medium, 8-Ounce

Acrylic Paint | Find art supplies at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ATJSD8I/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B00ATJSD8I&link_code=as3&tag=wwwmiriamschu-20&linkId=IGVEKEWOC37M6OZQ
Plaid PROMOABI Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint, 2-Ounce, Best Selling Colors I

Visual Journal | Spiral Bound | Find art journal supplies at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003YIZ0HI/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=B003YIZ0HI&link_code=as3&tag=wwwmiriamschu-20&linkId=EQ26H7Z3Z6JUYRMK
Pro-Art Strathmore Visual Journal Spiral Bound, 9 by 12-Inch, Mixed Media Vellum

uni-ball Gel Grip Stick Medium Point Gel Pens, 12 Black Ink Pens(65450)

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A great way to open up your mind to new art journaling ideas is to read books that will help you find your true artistic self. My favorite art books, which you can click on to purchase online, will help you whenever you're stuck in a rut regarding what type of art journal page you want to create next. These books have the power to inspire not only the images in your art journals, but all of your artistic endeavors.

The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are | Find this book at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/159285849X/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=159285849X&link_code=as3&tag=wwwmiriamschu-20&linkId=QQTYD5POQNSKQNDZ
The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are
List Your Self | Discover this book at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0740777114/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=0740777114&link_code=as3&tag=wwwmiriamschu-20&linkId=72XYNZ5Z2VPV3NIW
List Your Self
The Art Journal Workshop: Break Through, Explore, and Make it Your Own | Find art journal books at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1592536840/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=1592536840&link_code=as3&tag=wwwmiriamschu-20&linkId=T5PE25SGILWZ63PD
The Art Journal Workshop: Break Through, Explore, and Make it Your Own
Craft-a-Doodle: 75 Creative Exercises from 18 Artists | Find art books at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1454704225/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=211189&creative=373489&creativeASIN=1454704225&link_code=as3&tag=wwwmiriamschu-20&linkId=UE3JINF2LGIO6VRO
Craft-a-Doodle: 75 Creative Exercises from 18 Artists