Friday, October 14, 2016

Spiritual Autumnal Art Themes

Nature’s cycles often mirror our own lives. As an artist, I love what fall teaches us about releasing what weighs us down.

Promises of new beginnings and fresh starts

I like to think of falling leaves as a time to let go of part hurts, shed our old selves, and prepare for rebirth in the springtime. Just as trees release leaves to prepare for rebirth in the spring, fall is a time to let go of past burdens for the promises of new beginnings and fresh starts.

For these reasons, and many more, I always associate fall with new beginnings.

Fall has more to say about beginnings than even the start of the year. I personally never quite connected with January as being the time of new beginnings. After all, it comes in the dead of winter and the only thing new about it is the date I write on my checks.

However, fall means the beginning of a new school year with new potential to achieve. Although when I was kid, my anxieties ran high at the beginning of a new school year, my kids look forward to the year as an opportunity to make new friends, and better grades.

Renewed focus after rejuvenating summers

It’s a time for renewed focus after rejuvenating summers. It’s a time of dramatic change, and we feel the urge to change ourselves and even to spruce up our homes as we prepare to spend more time indoors during the winter.

Here are some themes of fall in my art.
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1) The Majestic Sunflower

It’s no surprise that the majestic sunflower has a long history of being associated with power, strength and happiness. It symbolizes longevity and loyalty. The sunflower reminds us to stand tall and to seek out positivity and strength just as it does when it turns to face the sun. 

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2) The Romantic Red Barn

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Corn mazes and hayrides. Pumpkin fests, harvest moons and farm animals. So many fall images are tied to the family farm. Framed by a crimson-tinted tree, this romantic red barn warms my heart.

3) The Bloom of Fall Foliage

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Vibrant yellows and other hues of fall always inspire me. Perhaps because fall reminds us of the impermanence of things, it heightens our appreciation of its beauty. Knowing the beautiful colors are fleeting, we are drawn to enjoy them before they blow away.


4) The Fire of Fall

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Strolling under the canopy of a golden crimson I never forget how lucky I am to enjoy the beauty of the fiery brilliance of fall color in the Northeast.

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