Sunday, October 4, 2015

Relieve Stress with an adult coloring book!

adult coloring book
When I was growing up, I had to share everything with my younger sister who ruined everything. Gave my dolls haircuts; knocked over my block towers and broke my crayons.. So, I loved to escape to my friends' houses... especially those whose toys were unblemished. These playmates always had the best toys, but my favorite was Sandy's brand new box of 64 crayons.

New Crayon Smell


Do you remember those? As adults we love "new car smell" but I still remember the "new crayon smell" with colors with wonderful names like cornflower, goldenrod and bittersweet. 

The Adult Coloring Book Craze

I think I am not the only one. Walk into any major book seller and you will see these adult coloring books positioned at the front of the store.

heART Journal Magazine's first Colorbook Issue

So I was really excited when the editors at HeART Journal magazine asked me to design a page for their first coloring book issue.

25 different Artists {including some of my friends like Blenda Tyvoll and Carolyn Dube} have collaborated to make 40 beautiful Coloring book pages for you!

adult coloring book

Coloring Book Sale through October 15th

Only 3? No worries heART Journal Magazine is offering the colorbook for only  $2.99! 
That is 50% off the regular price of 5.99!  And if you buy now and win one of the issues
you will have your choice of sharing with a friend or choosing another one of
heART Journal Magazine's many back issues. So don't wait to purchase, this sale ends Oct 15.

How to get the Whole Coloring Book

This Colorbook issue is available on iTunes,Google Play
or heART Journal Magazine's cart for a pdf version 
For help with accessing the Colorbook please email

Why do you want to win the adult coloring book by heArt Journal Magazine?