Monday, March 30, 2015

Watercolor dreams do come true

watercolor techniques | watercolor painting techniques | how to paint with watercolors | discover your inner artist on
Would you be interested in a medium that you can carry with you anywhere to capture the beauty of life? If you love to learn and express yourself through art then discover you how can build your confidence in watercolor. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, there is always more to learn.

watercolor techniques | watercolor painting techniques | how to paint with watercolors | discover your inner artist on
In Watercolor Textures, you will discover the confidence 
to create your own landscape painting in your own style.

The best teachers teach from the heart  (tweet this)

One of the reasons that art students like my classes is that I am generous with my students. I don't hoard my best techniques, rather I share all my watercolor secrets. I believe in you and know that if shown the right way anyone can discover their inner artist. Watercolor is a beautiful medium and I will show you how you can conquer your painting fears. Sometimes all you need is a little help getting started.

Learning is Living- Love and live through creating (tweet this)

Although this class is going to introduce texture techniques that even a beginner can pick up. Experienced students will be delighted to add new dimension and texture to their watercolor landscapes. You don't have to settle for a flat looking painting.

Youth is not a requirement to be a good artist. (tweet this)

I have a lot of folks come to me and say they are in their fifties... or sixties ...and always wanted to learn but never took the time. You are not alone. I have seen many students just like you blossom in their art at this stage of their life. Youth is not a requirement to be a good artist. In fact, what I have noticed is that with age comes courage. Creativity takes courage.

Nurture Your artistic soul (tweet this)

After years of putting your inner artist on the back burner, it feels so good to something just for you....for your artistic soul. When you allow yourself time to paint you will find yourself happier and more at peace with the world. The secret to joy from painting is the process, not just the end product.

watercolor techniques | watercolor painting techniques | how to paint with watercolors | discover your inner artist on

In Watercolor Textures, you will also learn 

how to make a portable palette and watercolor art journal 

so you can carry art supplies with you anywhere 
to capture the beauty of life.

Fast Track Your Success

You might have learned a lot from youtube videos, and that is great. In fact, I encourage you to keep learning all you can from all the free stuff you can find. However, there are many advantages to investing in an online course.

First, the structure of an online class provides discipline.

Second, you have the support and camaraderie of an online community. You can ask me, the instructor, questions at any time.

Last, I've curated the best tips and
tricks in one place to save you time and aggravation. Sure, you can teach yourself to do anything on your own, but the fastest way to learn is with a good teacher in a supportive non-judgmental environment. I know what frustrates students and I am here to motivate you to overcome that through clear step-step demonstrations that will give you results.

Congrats to Winners of the Free Class

Make new friends and keep the old... I award a free class to one of my returning students and one to a brand new student. I look forward to having you both in class!

Congrats to these runners up

(These three runner-ups get $5 refunds after enrollment - surprise!!}

Thank you for lending me your beautiful smiles...I look forward to seeing your cheerful avatars in class!

I know your teaching style as I've taken your classes hence I'd love to win one of your awesome classes. ~Darlene

I am taking your Watercolor Secrets (and Watercolor Cats) classes and absolutely love them!! You are a fantastic teacher and I am learning so much!! I love your loose style of painting....and that's my goal, to have my painting look like a painting and not a photograph! I would love to "win" your How to Create Texture class so that I can continue to broaden my knowledge in watercolors. Thank you so much for this generous opportunity!! You have inspired me so much ~Nell

Thanks for the opportunity to "win" one of your classes. Having taken 2 classes from you already, I KNOW that this one will be a winner! Any tricks I can learn can only benefit me in the long run. I find that when you learn the right way how to do something that your product always comes out 100% better. Please pick me! Thanks for your consideration. BTW two of the Crazy Cats I painted for my hairdresser (her Maine coon cats) came out so well that she was thrilled to receive them as gifts. Yay! ~Carole


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This is a self-paced class, so you may register at any time and work on each lesson at your own speed.

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What is the tuition?

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yes, yes and yes. Just email me and I will set you up.

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