Monday, February 2, 2015

finding comfort in needlepoint patterns

I am proud to announce a new partnership with to offer my art as designs for needlepoint canvases.

I've always loved the comfort of knitting. I love complicated patterns that challenge the left side of my brain to work with the creative right side, which is why I was completely thrilled when I signed on to offer my art as needlepoint patterns for

Why women stitch

After a discussion with the company, I learned that women choose needlepoint for emotional reasons. Often they are passing the time while keeping a loved one company who is ill...perhaps long hours in the hospital. Others choose needlepoint projects to commemorate a loved one.

I know I like to stitch (knitting) because it keeps my hands from snacking while watching tv and is a great way to use nervous energy while supervising homework or when I am traveling. With all this snow we have been having it would be wonderful to have a new project to get my fingers busy and keep my lap warm all day.

Western Wall Tallit Bag :
a lovely canvas of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem 
for all skill levels.  Can be framed or made into 
an 11x14" Tallit bag. Kit includes a deluxe 
needlepoint canvas and all the easy to use 
silk threads needed to complete.  
A name or other customized hebrew lettering 
can be added to the canvas to personalize.

Projects they choose

In addition, women who stitch do so to give gifts, like a Tallit bag to commemorate a Bar Mitzvah and to decorate their own home. Home decor needlepoint projects include turning canvases into pillows, frame-able wall art or even an ambitious offering such as a rug. They are always looking for a new challenge and there is a thrill in starting a new project.


Ebony's Bubble Bath Kit is fantastic for all 
needlepoint skill levels and all cat lovers!  
Gotta love the red toe nail polish!  
Kit includes a deluxe needlepoint 
canvas and all the threads needed to complete. 




Needlepoint Pattern Kits

Art Needlepoint will be rolling out many of the designs that they feel will work best as a needlepoint project over the coming weeks and months. This blog post gives a first glimpse of some needlepoint projects you can start working on today.

Golden Eye Barn Owl Kit
This very realistic and gorgeous barn owl will be a pleasure
 to stitch and admired for years to come. Kit includes a  
deluxe needlepoint canvas and all the easy to use, beautiful 
silk threads needed to complete.  Will make a fantastic 
pillow or framed for a wall display. >>start stitching this<<








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