Sunday, February 22, 2015

Art Journal Ideas: Chinese New Year

Using the Chinese New Year as an art journal idea for this inspirational artwork. Get step-by-step directions for the art journal techniques in an online class.

Art Journal Ideas for the online art class

In February 2014, I wrapped up filming my portion for the online art journal workshop, 21 Secrets. For my portion of the class, I decided to use the Chinese New Year as a source of inspiration so I included a "Yang" (goat/sheep/ram) as an animal totem as well as the symbol Yang.

In the online ecourse, you will learn step-by-step:
  • how to make a gorgeous integrated background
  • each product I use and why 
  • my top secret technique, "How to Make your Own Rub-Ons"


21 Secrets: An Online Art Journaling Workshop

Have you heard of 21 Secrets? I was asked to create a inspiring videos, full color photos, printouts, and detailed instructions to discover new techniques, unique methods, and bold approaches to art journaling so you can embrace your creativity with more gusto and joy!

Each 21 SECRETS is a downloadable eBook where you decide the pace, the order of the classes you dive into, and when! We know how busy you are so the 21 SECRETS eBooks are intended for you to savor and fit into your life perfectly. Because all the workshops are yours to keep you will never feel like you're falling behind or trying to squeeze everything in to meet a ridiculous deadline!

21 SECRETS was the first art journaling workshop of its kind online founded in 2010 by Connie Hozvicka and has served over 5000 creative hearts since then!

21 SECRETS is perfect for the art journaling newbie all the way to the seasoned artist looking to renew their creativity! 21 SECRETS believes that art journaling is for everyone and welcomes artists of all skill levels and backgrounds with open arms and warm hearts! {you can learn more about 21 SECRETS here}

So tell me, why do you want to take the 21 Secrets class? 

( hint, go to the site and come back here and tell me what you are most excited about!!) 

You can also download this FREE ART JOURNAL ebook for loads of prompts and techniques to keep you happy and busy!

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