Wednesday, December 31, 2014

5 Most Popular Instagram Pics of 2014

Discover my most popular instagram pictures of 2014

Hooray for 2014

In the spirit of celebrating the end of the year, I am going to be doing round up posts over the next few days.

My Instagram Story

I started doing instagram about a year ago. I have had a lot of fun and connected with a great community. Instagram doesn't take a lot of my time and it is pure eye candy. Do you do instagram too?

Top Five on Instagram (based on likes)

A photo posted by Miriam Schulman (@schulmanart) on

This post was a snip-it of one of my art journal pages. It was so popular I made it into a print for sale on etsy. {see it here} If you are curious about art journaling, I do offer a free art journal ebook and class.

A photo posted by Miriam Schulman (@schulmanart) on

Two of the most popular were from a new watercolor series on woodland creatures. This one of an owl and the next one of a squirrel. Read more about my woodland animals on the blog or collect the art from etsy here.
A photo posted by Miriam Schulman (@schulmanart) on

You can find out what I finally named this delightful squirrel on etsy
A photo posted by Miriam Schulman (@schulmanart) on

In March, I decided to do a flower each day. You can see the top flowers in this blog post. Collect flower art on etsy. This particular piece can be collected from imagekind as a fine art print.
A photo posted by Miriam Schulman (@schulmanart) on

and (drum roll please) the most popular painting on instagram this year (according to iconosquare) was this Radiant Peacock. Any ideas why this was so popular? Perhaps, because I posted works in progress photos that kept my followers engaged? Collect this art or accessories designed with with art from my website.
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Free Cat Video Series

One of my 2015 art goals is to create more free videos and teach more content through youtube and my blog, so I am working on a cat painting video series. Coming soon, I'll be offering a three-part video demonstration using watercolors to capture your adorable companion. Click HERE to get email announcements as the videos become available.
Send me your Questions

Since I am working on the series now, there is still time for me to include your questions.

email SchulmanArtSo, if you have any questions on how to draw or paint cats please email them to ME:

I have been sharing sneak peeks of all the cat art both on facebook and instagram. Here are two of my favorites....

free online cat art classes
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announcements as the videos become available.

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Art Goals for 2015

I have never been one for News Year's resolutions but I absolutely love setting goals for the year. One of the best ways I have found for reaching my goals is writing it down and then sharing it. By making my goals public it adds additional accountability to my goal setting and also by putting my goals out there, like on this blog, it also gives me a permanent place to look back during the year.

A page from my art journal...

Successes in 2014

Looking back on this past year, I have a lot to crow about. I pretty much hit all my major goals including getting published in an art magazine ( will tell you more about that later)  and also attending fabulous art retreats.

Goals without heart

On the other hand, there were a few goals that never came to fruition. For some, these goals simply took me away from my core art business and I just wasn't emotionally invested. For example, I had put on my goal list to pursue art licensing and I did attempt to tackle this by reaching out to agents and manufacturers as well as attending a Surtex convention. However, I learned that art licensing is not meant to be a side business and if you want to license your art you need to pursue that business wholeheartedly. In the end, I decided to focus on making art for sale and teaching in my online art classes.

A page from my art journal...

Resetting Unmet Goals

Last year, I had wanted to join an in person networking group, and I do feel badly that this never fully happened as I really could benefit from meeting more like minded peers. Therefore, I have put this goal high up on my list. The reason this goal didn't work so well last year is that I kept thinking I had to form my own group within Westchester and I simply don't have time to organize my own group. However, living in New York's backyard there must already be many in-person artist groups I can join. in order to reach this goal I plan on asking 12 New York area professional artists that I know if they belong to an in person networking group. Then, if that doesn't work I will start looking for "Meetups."

Getting better at goal setting

I think another problem with my 2014 goals was that they didn't get specific enough... for example, I wrote " become more authentic" --- what did I mean by that? And some of my goals didn't have targets so I have no idea whether or not I met my goals... was I scared of not reaching them? For example, I wrote "build a following on Instagram and on Pinterest." Since I didn't specify numbers, I can't feel bad for not reaching targets but at the same time I can't celebrate any successes either.

2015 art goals

  1. Live a life full of PURPOSE. I chose "purpose" for my word for the year and plan on filtering all that I do for my art business, and my art making by asking myself "what purpose does this serve?" I want to really get strategic about my art and my marketing efforts instead of repeating random acts of marketing.
  2. Join a Mastermind group. (or some other form of in person networking group for artists)
  3. Read books on marketing strategies. I actually am half way through Jeff Walker's book and I have Rework by Jason Fried and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  on my Amazon wish list 
  4. Build my email list to 5,000 contacts. Does that sound impossible? Currently, I have 1600 folks on my lists (art collectors and art students) So, I am talking about tripling my list and my next goal will tell you how I plan on doing that...
  5. Create Free Video Series I plan on creating free video series to teach folks how to draw and paint. I now know that my life purpose is to teach others my passion for painting. So, in order to make that accessible to as many folks as possible, I will be putting together short, free art videos. Specifically, I want to put out six free training series next year. 
  6. Design an advertising plan and budget. Instead of randomly deciding when to "boost" or pay for promotions, I want to plan on some advertising campaigns to get the word out on my free trainings
  7. Profit from my passion. My art business has been profitable but last year my income did not really reflect all the work involved. Moreover, I was disappointed with my financial contribution to my family. In 2015, I have a very real and specific income goal in mind. In December of 2015, I hope to be able to tell you that I met or surpassed it.

Free Art Journal ebook 

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What are your goals for 2015? (leave a link or a comment)

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Monday, December 22, 2014

2015: A Year of Purpose

Want to hear a true story? Yesterday I was supposed to be working on my online art class on "How to Paint Cats" but I couldn't shake the need to document in my art journal the word that described 2014 and the word I wanted to describe 2015.


Documenting the Year

So what happened? I spent four hours working on two different spreads in my art journal...Yep, you heard me ...four hours. I was really mad at myself because I have a lot of work to get done and I want to spend next week relaxing and enjoying the time with my family. However, sometimes art is important work. The artwork acts as therapy. I knew in my heart of hearts I couldn't start filming the cat class until I documented my year. 


Clearing the Driveway of the Mind

Think of it like this... you want to go to the grocery store to buy milk but if there are six inches of snow on your driveway you can't go to the store until the driveway is clear. Sometimes making art is like clearing the driveway. (but a lot more fun) Once the mind is clear...the rest of the work in your life is easier.

Tweet: Clearing the driveway to the mind in my #artjournal via @schulmanArt

Tweet this: Clearing the driveway to the mind in my #artjournal via @schulmanArt

How "Intentional" became "Purpose"

I thought that intention would describe my word for 2015 but I struggled with that in my art journal. I tried and failed several times to make "intentional" fit on the page. As I got more and more frustrated I realized that I had chosen the wrong word. If I couldn't make "intentional" fit on the could I make it fit in my life? Perhaps a higher power was leading me to try a different word. So I listened to my inner voice and decided that "purpose" suited me better. Unlike intentional, purpose has more layered and complex meanings. It is about finding my life's "purpose" as well as doing everything with a "purpose." The word "intentional" is a great companion word and will continue to crop up this year in my mind, but I am choosing purpose.

Here is a page from my art journal. I was very intentional in my choices for the background layers, and the color I used on top to integrate the pieces. The color for 2015 is "Marsala" which is a rich red- brown. Brown's color meaning conveys "orderliness".. I will be talking about the color of the year in more detail in future blog posts as I am always fascinated with color trends... are you?

On purpose

In addition, to intentional color choices, I also was intentional about the structure of the layout. I wanted a very orderly look to the pages to organize the chaos underneath. I added a washi tape border across the middle and a stamped border around the sides. I wanted the word to be clear and bold, hence I filled it in with sold black paint. I further outlined the word in metallic silver.

Word for 2015

Have you chosen a word for 2015? If you have, I would love for you to share it with me!

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Watch me create these journal pages!

Coming soon... I am going to share a video here on this blog so you can watch me create this journal page and I will talk about my process.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

On Finding Clarity

At the start of 2014, I decided to choose one word to represent my hopes and intentions for the year. (You can read more about that in my One Little Word blog post) I decided that "harmony" would be a great word for the year and I have to say that the word served me well. 

Hello Harmony

When I cleaned my home, I wasn't just "cleaning" but I was creating "harmony." I looked to make harmony throughout my life and all that I did. However, now that I look back on the year if I were to choose one word to describe my year I would choose clarity.

Finding Clarity

 Each month I reflected on my journey and each week I worked in my art journal. The art journal and meditation practice helped me find clarity. I am so grateful. 

Here is a page from my art journal. I chose a lot of purple for two reasons. First, color experts predicted that Radiant Orchid would be the dominate color of the year for 2014. Second, purple is the color is the color of good judgment and spiritual fulfillment. I also used yellow in this spread to represent hope and happiness. The teal just looked pretty and added balance to the composition.


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One word for 2015

Next week I am going to talk about the word I chose for 2015 and why I chose it... and the word even surprised me.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Describe 2014 in one word.

To start setting goals for next year, take a look back and reflect on 2014. 

I asked some of my artist friends, how would they describe their 2014 art business in one word.... and what they want their art career to look like in 2015.

Here is what they had to say...

Deb Harvey explores art with whimsy
2014: accommodating, 
2015: discover

Renie Britenbucher creates light-hearted paintings.
2014: whirlwind
2015: structured.

Hillary Doggart-Greer excels with silhouettes
2014: flustered. 
2015: scheduled 

How would you describe your year in one word? What word would you like to describe next year?


Tomorrow I will be sharing my words for 2014 and 2015... Did you know you can get all the blog posts via email? 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Best Interior Paint Color Ideas {for every room in your house!}

Do you want to makeover a room in your home with a fresh coat of wall paint but are paralyzed to start because you are afraid of making a mistake?


Trust the experts


Yep, I used to be that way too but I have learned to trust interior decorators to help me make a decision. Now, I am not talking about hiring someone. You have enough opinions (and bills) in your life.  Save your money for the house paint.

Eliminate the guesswork for no-fail paint ideas

Whether you are looking for bedroom paint ideas,  kitchen paint colors or living room paint ideas I have already done the research for you by religiously combing through my decorating magazines and curating lists for finding the perfect beige paint-- as well as the perfect red, blue, or purple!

 Download this free ebook today to learn how to choose the best paint color for every room in your house.

In The Ultimate Paint Guide, you will...
  • Learn how to create a calm room using paint
  • Identify the best paint color for showcasing art
  • Transform your home with bold colors that make a dramatic statement
  • Find the perfect beige paint -- as well as the perfect red, blue, or purple
  • Discover brown paints that will keep your house on trend without looking like a seventies flashback
  • Eliminate the guesswork by refreshing your home decor with colors chosen by top interior decorators to mistake proof your decorating.
Start creating the home of your dreams today by downloading this free ebook now!

Ultimate Guide to Paint Colors for your home

best interior paint color ideas | bedroom paint ideas | kitchen paint colors | living room paint ideas | paint colors for bedrooms | download your FREE paint guide on

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Friday, December 12, 2014

What would you do if you won free art supplies?

I'm teaming up with blogger Irreversibly Moi for this great giveaway! Do you see all the paints and art supplies in this fabulous picture? I don't know how she managed to put it together but I wish I could enter too! Wouldn't getting this set of paints absolutely INSPIRE you to create?

chance to win an ornament eBook

In addition to a chance to be the one grand winner of all these supplies, three folks will win a second prize with an ebook written by yours truly on how to make the ornaments. Just like the ones that just sold out in my etsy shop...  ( I may add more next week...we'll see)

Everyone who enters gets my free art journal ebook (if you haven't got it already)

What would you be inspired to create?

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December is the new January

What's in my art journal right now...
An inspirational art calendar will remind you to reset each month

There are certain points in the calendar year that seem to lend itself well to hitting the reset button: January, Monday, September, your birthday. Everyone loves a fresh start and a new beginning; however, I am wondering why do we have to wait to hit reset?

Hitting the reset button

When my computer is acting up I don't say--- hmmm better wait for Monday to reboot. I can reboot at anytime. So why not with our own selves and our own goals? Can we shut down and reboot anytime we want? Do we even have to wait for morning? Can I just close my eyes and count to three and when I open them, I can say- begin again. Begin now.
Keep your inspiration on your wrist with quote jewelry


December is the new January

I saw this slogan "December is the new January" at my gym, Soul Cycle. For those not familiar, this is an overpriced spinning studio based in New York City with extremely effective marketing techniques but this bit of advertising really spoke to me. Why wait for January...if I have a goal... I can begin now.

Keep a piece of inspirational art on your desk or night table



Surround Yourself with your best intentions

Keep your best intentions present either with quote jewelry that you wear, an inspirational calendar, or a piece of inspirational art that you keep on your desk.

Be your own secret Santa this year and remind yourself to begin now- why wait till January?

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

5 ways to Spark your Creative Spirit

No matter what kind of artist you are...musician, writer or painter....we all can fall into a creative rut. For this art journal page, I meditated on five ways to spark the creative spirit and I hope that these ideas ignite you!

5 Ways to Spark your Creative Spirit

  1. Relax: swim, meditate, take a hot bath, drink wine...whatever relaxes you will help your creative juices flow!
  2. Just Begin: Sometimes when we think we are stuck we really need just a little push on the swing...once you get going you know you can swing forever. So give yourself a little push to get started even if you think you are not in the mood.
  3. Play: Treat your art as an experiment and give yourself permission to have fun. Playfulness usually leads to creative expression.
  4. Write it: Journaling, art journaling, or making a list of ideas or troubles help release the creative river.
  5.  Accept it: Understand that every time you sit down to create you may not have your next masterpiece in front of you and that is okay! Learn to accept that as a fact and enjoy the process over the product.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

8 Hanukkah Gift Ideas

8 Hanukkah Gift Ideas 

Hanukkah begins the evening of December 16th and ends on Christmas Eve. So if you want to get someone something for Hanukkah, know that you may want to finish your holiday shopping early! In this list I have included some of my own creations mixed in with creative ideas I've discovered on the internet.

Shopping Guide

  1. Cosmetic Bag: A printed pouch is a great way to carry art wherever you go and keep your purse organized. Cosmetic bags make a great gifts for her. Printed on both sides with the blue and white Israeli flag, these zippered pouches are designed to fit essential makeup gear, giving it maximum points for practicality when carrying around your lip gloss, and nail polish. (want to make this gift even more special? fill it with Essie nail polish in blue shades!)
  2. Hanukkah Cookies: These cookies are made to order and are decorated with Glaze and Royal Icing. Ship these to your homesick college student.
  3.  Gift Card: Save yourself a bit of time during the holidays and let them choose their own gift from my etsy shop.
  4.  Earrings: These round earrings with a polished-scallop edge feature a modern re-imagining of the Israeli flag with a gloss finish.
  5.  Metallic Gold Hanukkah Candles: Elegant display box of 45 candles. Make your holiday candle lighting more luxe. ( I remember the year of hurricane Sandy, when I realized I burnt through all the candles during the week long power outage and had no candles left to celebrate!)
  6.  Tzedakah | Charity Box: A woman of valor is a unique collection Inspired by a Biblical poem honoring a woman in gratitude, praise and appreciation. Each original design is an expression of admiration and celebration of all women This charity box is designed by Jessica Sporn. This gift is a great way to teach children the value of giving to those less fortunate.
  7. Tallis Bag: Looking for a one of a kind tallit bag for your tallis? This tallis bag pictures a watercolor of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel and features one of my watercolor paintings. Only two in stock as of this blog post, get yours here.
  8. Menorah: This Menorah, made of brass, is inspired by nature, trees, and branches of the holy land, Israel. I discovered this menorah on etsy... this is a great gift for a couple who may not have their own yet.
Want to save on this art right now? let me email you the latest coupon

Make your cosmetic bag even more special by filling it with luxury cosmetics!

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