Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to Stay Inspired and Organized in 2015

The theme of the 2015 calendar is Inspiration! Stay inspired and organized in 2015 with an inspirational wall calendar that will remind you of your best intentions. {Reserve yours now}

There isn’t a better way to keep track of your schedule than with a personalized calendar. Although we are in an electronic age, the visual of seeing the full month is always useful and the inspirational art will keep you motivated all day. Hang the inspirational art calendar in your office and you have instant artwork and decoration.

I prefer to write it down... literally

I have a confession to make. I stopped using my smart phone to manage my appointments. I know this is old fashioned but I much rather write things down and get a visual of how my week looks. I still will occasionally schedule reminders using my phone, but in my house the written calendar rules the roost. Besides, you can't doodle on your smart phone...

How I use a calendar to manage my family plans

Whenever my kids tell me they have a field trip or my husband tells me that he will be working late one night I make them write it down on the family calendar that hangs in our kitchen. We are not one of those families with a shared family calendar app. My husband and son use samsungs and my daughter and I are iphone lovers...and don't tell me about an app that works on all four. I am not interested. I spend enough time in front of a screen during the day and so do they.

Whether it’s for family, friends or a teacher, 
give an art calendar to remind them of you all year long.  
This calendar comes in 100-lb. premium card stock, 
with a glossy coating. SHOP NOW

A Calendar is Art for the Wall

Calendars make great gifts.. I always set aside some of the calendars I make each year to give as gifts to my kids' teachers and they love hanging them in their offices. Calendars make a lovely gift for anyone that will inspire all year long.

Want to save on this art right now? let me email you the latest coupon


Get yours before they are all gone

The wall calendar is one of my most popular items. They have sold out every year for the last few years, so the early bird gets the calendar. Order as soon as you can (quantity is limited) and once they are gone I will not reorder more. Every year I get requests at the end of January and even in February for folks looking for my art calendars.


This year's calendar is full of inspiration

The inspirational art calendar features 12 full color art prints. Many collectors prefer to frame the prints as individual pieces, which means they are getting twelve prints for the price of one. Although you can purchase some of the art featured in the calendar from my website, many of the prints with the quotes on them are exclusive to the calendar and can not be bought anywhere else!

more details

2015 Wall Calendar comes with its own acetate sleeve. Monthly Calendar size is approximately 11"x8.5" closed and 11x 17" open. Furniture in room view by Pottery Barn  
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Famous Women Artists: Mary Cassatt

This post is part of my "famous women artists" series where I turn the spotlight on different women artists. This week we focus on painter Mary Cassatt.


American Impressionist in Paris

Mary Cassatt was a leader in the Impressionist art movement during the late nineteenth century in Paris and is probably the artist responsible for bringing interest of collecting impressionist art to America. From a wealthy American family, Cassatt made her way as an artist in the male dominated circle of the French impressionists and became a close friend of the artist Degas.

While Degas focused on the ballerina and the nude bather, Cassatt's genre was that of the domestic interior of mother and child. These intimate portraits brought the child to full scale and these larger than life portraits showed children other than the baby Jesus which had preciously been the dominant baby seen in art history.

Notice how the children take up much of the canvas in all of these examples.

Samples of her artwork:

Little Girl in a Blue Armchair (1878)

Cassatt and Degas were always my two personal favorites as they worked often in pastel which was the first medium I experimented with. I loved the colored chalk that was easy to use. Although I no longer work with the dusty drawing materials, I still owe much of my aesthetic when I do my watercolor portraits of children to Cassatt and my watercolor nudes owe much to Degas. 

The Bath (1891-92)

Two of my favorite Cassatts are Little Girl in a Blue Armchair which I reproduced myself in pastel ( hers is in oil) and also The Bath. My grandparents had a framed poster of the bath in their bedroom and I remember it fondly.

Brief Discussion of "The Bath"

Watch this short video of art historian discussion the virtues of this painting.

The Boating Party (1893-94)

"I am independent! I can live alone and I love to work."

~Mary Cassatt


Current Exhibitions of Mary Cassatt's Paintings around the World: 

  • Picturing America: Signature Works from the Westmoreland Museum of American Art: The Hyde Collection; Glens Falls, New York; September 28, 2014 - January 4, 2015
  • Painting a Nation: American Art at Shelburne Museum; Shelburne Museum; Shelburne, Vermont; May 26, 2014 - October 31, 2014
  • Lasting Legacy: A Collection for Kalamazoo; Kalamazoo Institute of Arts; Kalamazoo, Michigan; September 6, 2014 - December 7, 2014


Selfportrait (1878)

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What do you think of these portraits?

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Transform your boring living room in 3 easy steps

This living room packs a powerful visual punch, but really starts with a white or beige couch white walls and plain furnishings. You can get this look too just by adding peacock art, ikat pillows and a bright floor rug!

I know what you are thinking. This living room isn't boring... but really strip away the pillows and art and you have a plain jane room with a white couch and plan furnishings. If you have a white or beige couch you can think of it as a blank canvas and instantly update your room with some bold moves.

Splurge Worthy Decorating

Radiant Peacock, orginal canvas art 3x3'

1. Original Peacock Art: This peacock wall art has a ton of texture and detail to keep your home happy and inspired. The surface is layered with dominant colors of radiant orchid, mustard yellow, light green and lavender. Artwork is created on a canvas that measures 3x3'. If you are looking for a large painting to make a dramatic statement over the mantelpiece, the sofa or in a foyer, this peacock art will enhance your home decor.

Another great decorating idea is to put this huge painting in a dining room over the banquet or over a bed. Wherever you decide to display the peacock art the artwork will give you pleasure throughout the years.

2. Pillows: I am in love with all things Madeline Weinrib. She travels around the world to seek inspiration for her home designs. Each of these pillows is a piece of art onto themselves. You can collect her pillows without hiring an interior decorator right from her website.

3. Rug: A rug is like artwork for the floor. Rug above is from Missoni Home.

More shopping details: published in Veranda August 2014 magazine; Custom Sofas in Mokum fabric; Coffee table, JF Chan.

Get the look for less

Art: You can get a similar look by ordering a peacock canvas art print in the size that best suits your wall space and your budget. You can even get a peacock print on paper for additional savings.

etsy designer sukan has a wide selection of purple ikat 
at a fraction of the price
Pillows: Getting a designer look for the pillows is trickier but not impossible. The oversize Weinrib pillows are made of silk and suede justifying their high end price tag. I think these are splurge worthy, but if it isn't in your budget check out these fab pillow finds all from etsy!

Calypso Hand Woven Rug features a bright 
patchwork of vivid stripes woven in a durable 
flat weave of 100% wool.

Rug: Striped rugs are easier to find. Check out this hip rug from Ballard Designs.. I use this site for my own home all the time. I love this rug which they describe as "If color makes you happy, say hello to heaven."

Do you like to decorate? Me too.. follow my blog by by Email or BlogLovin to get all updates in color trends, decorating and art adventures.

http://eepurl.com/HukAfMore Ways to Save

Want this Peacock Art? You can save 10% right now and I will email you my latest exclusive coupon!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Behind the Scenes of My Business

This blog post is part of a series of posts called an artist blog hop. Think of a blog hop as blogging "chain mail." Someone links to me and I have to link to three more, and each of them must find  creative bloggers. All of us must answer the same questions about our creative process.

Thanks to my friend Lucy Parsons who tagged me in her blog post.  I love building connections with other creatives and seeing what makes other folks tick. You can read about Lucy in my blog post, Quintessentially British Quality in Home Decor.

To participate in the blog hop, I have to answer a list of questions creative bloggers and then tag other creative business owners. 

So, lets go behind the scenes of my business….

Currently I am working on a 30x30" commission of an 
African Mask in watercolor.Discover more of my 
African art inspired by drawing museum artifacts.

What’s your two to three sentence bio?

I embrace the creative life with wholeheartedness in Scarsdale, New York. I studied art history at Dartmouth College and abandoned a career in finance to work on my art full time. My watercolor and mixed media paintings have been seen on NBC, published in art magazines and home decor books. In addition, the Hudson River Museum and Katonah Museum of Art carry my artistic accessories in their gift shops. Discover my watercolor and art journaling secrets in inspiring online classes at The Inspiration Place

I put pride in all that I do especially when it comes
to packing up sales, one of my favorite parts of my 



What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love packing up sales... that is definitely the most rewarding part of my job knowing that my creations are treasured by others.

What’s your least favorite part of your job?


What are the top three tools you use the most in your work?

 Watercolor, the computer, camera.

What business goal would you love to reach before the end of the year?

Right now I am recognizing that growing my mailing list is my number one priority toward building my business for long term growth and so I am working on some advanced marketing strategies for improving my lead generating funnel. My goal is to double my mailing list by the year end.

Who are three creative gurus that inspire you?

There are three women who have really helped me take great strides in my business with their newsletters, blogs and online classes. They are Amy Porterfield who has a comprehensive facebook marketing course, Melanie Duncan who is a New York princess who lives life large and shows you how she did it and Allyson Stanfield who has dedicated herself to helping artists achieve their dreams. If you stop by their sites, please let them know that Miriam of SchulmanArt sent you!

What do you listen to while you work?

Currently I have my radio set to WQXR which is a public classical music station. The music is relaxing, but I also enjoy that they have far less commercials than my other favorite radio stations. I also like to listen to books on tape, and online classes or webinars.
Are you a night owl? This owl print would look 
great in your home!

Morning person or night owl?

I am really neither a morning person or a night owl. My husband is a rooster and wakes the entire family up at the crack of dawn so I find myself sleepy by 10pm. I work the best in the morning after exercise and a fresh cup of coffee but then I usually get a second wind after dinner. So sometimes I lose track of time at night and find myself up at midnight working on a project .

How many employees do you have and what are the main things they do for you?

Lately, I became overwhelmed with all that my business requires so I just hired a part time studio assistant who is super talented and I will introduce her in a future blog post. She is going to help me with my social media and online tasks and all the other nitty gritty that goes on behind the scenes.

What’s your favorite social media platform?

My favorite social media platform varies but I think youtube is my current favorite. You can subscribe to my videos here!

What’s your least favorite social media platform?

My least favorite social media site also varies but I think I have a love hate relationship with facebook. Facebook is such a great tool for advertising because they have so much data about us... and isn't that scary? My fanpage is a lot of fun and I try to share loads of inspiration there. Come connect with me!

What works best when it comes to marketing your business?

The number one trick to marketing my business is listening to my customers and understanding what they want and need.
Surround yourself with inspirational quotes 
and positive people! Discover all my inspirational

What’s your top tip for someone who wants to do something similar to you for a career?

Don't be afraid to invest in learning and advertising. My business always takes great strides forward when I invest in those areas.  Always look to those more successful than you for advice and surround yourself with positive people.

Tag! You’re it….

For my part, I had to choose a few creatives to tag. (in no particular order)
  1.  First I tagged Andrea Gomoll of Cre8tive Cre8tions. I found Andrea on youtube and love her colorful whimsical style.
  2.  Jessica Sporn is the next artist I tapped. Jessica's art found its way into my home through the wonderful watercolor designs on Judaica greeting cards.  I also have met Jessica at an artist retreat and follow her blog.
  3. Finally I tagged Danita , a Mexican artist who creates dolls and other lovely mixed media art.

Just follow these steps:

Here’s how you play:

  1. Copy and paste the questions below and then answer them and publish as a blog post.{you don't have to answer every question....I know I didn't!}
  1. At the bottom of your post, tag anywhere from 2-10 bloggers you want to see answer these questions. (I also suggest hitting up your tagged people via social media just to let them know you tagged them to do this tag challenge.)
  1. Use the title: Behind the Scenes of My Business. Once you’ve hit publish, leave a comment below with the link to your post.
  1. Use the hashtag #MyBizBlogTag when sharing on social media so we can all find your awesome posts!
If you want an intro to include at the beginning or end of your post, here’s one:
This blog post is part of a series of posts called an artist blog hop. Think of a blog hop as blogging "chain mail." Someone links to me and I have to link to three more, and each of them must find  creative bloggers. All of us must answer the same questions about our creative process.

Thanks to artist Miriam Schulman who tagged me in her blog hop. You can read Miriam's answers to these questions in her blog post.

Easily copy and paste the questions below

Question 1: What’s your two to three sentence bio? (You know, what the heck do you do?)
Question 2: What’s your favorite part of your job?
Question 3: What’s your least favorite part of your job?
Question 4: What are the top three tools you use the most in your work?
Question 5: What business goal would you love to reach before the end of the year?
Question 6: Who are three creatives that inspire you?
Question 7: What do you listen to (if anything) while you work?
Question 8: Morning person or night owl?
Question 9: How many employees do you have and what are the main things they do for you?
Question 10: What’s your favorite social media platform?
Question 11: What’s your least favorite social media platform?
Question 12: What works best when it comes to marketing your business?
Question 13: What’s one thing about your business that your blog readers probably don’t know?
Question 14: If your business were a fashion accessory, what would it be?
Question 15: What’s your top tip for someone who wants to do something similar to you for a career?

Even if I didn’t tag you, you’re welcome to take part. Just follow the instructions above. Don’t forget to come back when you’ve published your post and put a link in the comments. If you’re not a blogger and still want to play, just answer the questions in the comments below!

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