Friday, May 30, 2014

Discover how 10 Celebrities Rock the Artist Wardobe Staple

celebrities wearing overalls on
Well, hello. So today is fashion Friday where this artist who wears nothing but overalls (because that is what real artists wear) takes a stab at showing you what I have been noticing trending lately. Can you guess? Yep, overalls. Yes, I know I recently did a style post on trend spotting but that was stripes with overalls. That post ( which you can read HERE) features fashion bloggers all sporting the stripes with denim overalls look.

In this blog post I feature ten celebrities all stepping out in overalls.

Princess Diana  in overalls
Princess Diana doesn't count for one of the ten celebrities...
Honestly, I can literally hear my grandfather groaning in his grave. I remember him chastising my sister in high school for her "farmer in the dell" outfit the last time overalls were in fashion.. To date myself, that was sometime in the eighties. and yes I have unearthed a pic of Princess Diana just to prove how fashionable they once were.

Now overalls are back.

Why we love overalls

I absolutely love them because I abhorred the low waist jeans style of recent years which meant I could not sit down in public. Moreover, with overalls, there is no muffin top. The shirt stays neatly tucked in.

Ten (recent!) Celebrities Spotted in Overalls

Here are ten glamorous ladies sporting the look which can be styled from sexy to tailored from sophisticated to casual.

Keira Knightly overalls
Keira Knightly with a striped shirt and converse and a little quilted Chanel bag.
diane Kruger overalls
Diane Kruger out and about pairing overalls with Chanel ballet flats, reportedly buying cat food.

Elisabeth Moss overalls
Elisabeth Moss, the star of Mad Men, wearing overalls and little else on the cover of New York magazine.
Sarah Jessica Parker overalls
Sarah Jessica Parker wore this get up, not to buy cat food, but for a television appearance on the Ellen show. Her tight fitting dark washed denim paired with a flowing blouse amps up the style and the androgynous look is right at home for the venue.
Emma Watson overalls
Emma Watson's black pair ( I think I want them) looks neat and polished with a tailored white shirt.
Selena Gomez overalls
Selena Gomez makes the trend sexy with a bandeaux top. Also notice her large white leather bag shown with a few celebs in this blog post
January Jones overalls
Who is this? Oh, yeah January Jones. Just thought I'd throw this one in there. nothing really remarkable about the outfit. Perhaps she is just buying cat food.
Olivia Palermo overalls
Olivia Palermo gets my vote for the most stylish overall look. She pairs her black overalls with a sheer black top and gold jewelry....and yes, a large white handbag.
Alessandra Ambrosio overalls
Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio in a distressed style with a white tank top and a white bag. The sneakers have a cheetah print.

Heidi Klum overalls
If Heidi Klum, former model and executive producer and star of Project Runway, can go out in overalls and a t-shirt without the thrills than so can I. No Chanel necessary...just a pair of running shoes... and what I think is a canvas tote.
This is my favorite artist work uniform. I wore it to shoot one of my online art classes on Watercolor Secrets for Painting Portraits. (No, I don't count as one of the ten celebrities either!)

Which look do you like the best?

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Art Journal: 5 Mantras for Spiritual Healing

Bringing awareness and healing through art by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

This blog spot offers 5 mantras for victims of abuse whether they are being bullied by their spouse, a classmate or someone else. In my art journal, I created mixed media mantras to help victims of abuse.

5 Mantras for Spiritual Healing #artjournal #mantras #schulmanArt on


Words can hurt

Why am I writing about this? Normally, I use my art journal to self-reflect and help myself with words I need to hear.  However, this weekend I had to visit my friend who had checked herself into the hospital because she was afraid she was about to end her life. My friend has suffered from depression and anxiety for years, but this episode was triggered when her husband took her kids away from her and called her "sick", "a bad mother" and "a failure as a wife." Apparently, this was not the first time.
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Friday, May 23, 2014

Complimentary Art Journal Magazine

You can't have "heart" without "art" from
You can't have "heart" without "art"
Guess what!? I was featured in heArt Journal magazine, an online ezine for art journal enthusiasts. This blog post includes a coupon to download the magazine with loads of art journal inspiration for free.

About the magazine

You can't have "heart without art" the saying goes, and  that is why  heART Journal makes for a wonderful title for an online magazine about  art journaling. Monthly editions that came before me all featured artists who I admire from Juliette Crane to Mindy Lacefield. 


and Blenda Tyvoll...

The cover art for the magazine that featured me is from my artist friend who collaborated with me on our popular online Tree Tutorial ecourse. When the publisher, Carla Devine contacted me about  a possible feature she let me know that she wanted Tyvoll's work as well but hadn't heard back from her. Immediately, I emailed Blenda and liberated the opportunity from her junk folder. I am honored to be featured in a magazine with Blenda's art on the cover.

Benefit of online magazines...

I am definitely an art magazine junkie and hoarder. ( You can check out my blog on "4 art magazines every artists should read" HERE) Although I love my magazines which fill my studio bookshelves ( you can get a virtual tour of my artist studio HERE) there are definitely many advantages to online magazines. First of all, all the links are clickable. When I read about an artist I like in one of my print magazines I have to type in the names into my smart phone or computer. However, in heArt Journal if I see something I like I can immediately be linked to get more information or start following the artist.

In addition, this online magazine can include video tutorials, how fun is that?! This issue includes a few for loads of inspiration.The magazine has interviews, how-to's and prompt ideas.


You can download heART Journal Magazine for free!                                                   

Get your free issue of heART Journal Magazine today!  

To celebrate heART Journal Magazine has a given me a free issue bonus code to share with others.
Then on your iPad or iPhone follow these directions using subscriber code : sharemyheart (case sensitive)
•   Install the App on your device
•   Launch the Magazine
•  On the Home Page, click on the Yellow subscribe button
•  Tap on the Current Subscribers button                                                                                                              
•  Enter this: sharemyheart (case sensitive)

A snippet from the article in heArt Journal magazine

You will now be able to download a free issue to heART Journal Magazine.  Remember, the code is case sensitive.   Please show heART Journal Magazine some love by giving them a rating (there is an easy to use rating link inside the magazine)

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rock Video Spoofs Famous Paintings

For all you Art History and Museum Nerds by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

rock video spoofs famous paintings
One of the reasons I subscribe to Art News is because they let me know about fun music, books and art related videos. In their debut album, the rock band Hold Your Horses spoofs famous artworks in their music video for 70 Million Horses.

How many paintings do you recognize?

Here is the version with crib notes for those with less art history knowledge. My kids loved the video (I showed it to them when it came out 4 years ago and they were only 12 and 10 at the time.) This got them interested in some paintings that they didn't know about and we all laughed when I showed them the real version next to the spoof version.

So, what do you think of the video? Your comments mean the world to me, as they let me know that you stopped by!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 Ways Pantone Picks the Color of the Year

2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

pantone color of the year | radiant orchid | 2014 color trends
Ever wonder how Pantone picks the color of the year? Well they don't gaze into a crystal ball. This past weekend I had the chance to hear how Pantone arrived at Radiant Orchid for the 2014 Color of the Year.

Guest Speaker at Surtex

Laurie Pressman, Vice President, Pantone Color Institute gave a talk at the Surtex Trend Theater (Surtex stands for surface/textiles). Mostly she talked about trends they are seeing for 2015/2016 but that deserves its own blog post. She also reviewed how Pantone chooses the color of the year and I found the process fascinating so I wanted to share that with you!

pantone color of the year | radiant orchid | 2014 color trends
Radiant Orchid is the color of the
azaleas in my backyard and my J Crew t shirt
{see full art studio tour on Take A tour of my Art Studio!}

Color Trends in Fashion

The Runways are definitely a large contributing factor to choosing and predicting color trends... after all approximately 16% of designers included some form of radiant orchid in their color story. However, this is not the only source that Pantone considers.

pantone color of the year | radiant orchid | 2014 color trends | Disney's Frozen
Radiant Orchid was used in the backdrops and
costumes in this popular Disney film, Frozen


Color in Popular Films

Another contributing factor is pop culture. My kids are now "too old" for Disney- if you ever can be too old for Disney- so I hadn't seen Frozen. When Pressman flashed the movie still on her Power Point presentation it was glaringly obvious that radiant orchid played a dominant role in the backdrops, costumes and styling for this movie.

pantone color of the year | radiant orchid | 2014 color trends | James Turrell exhibition at the Guggenheim
James Turrell: Rendering for Aten Reign, 2013, 
Daylight and LED light, Site-specific installation, 
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York © James Turrell


Color in Art Exhibitions

Art exhibitions definitely play a role in fashion trends... Anyone old enough to remember the Cleopatra craze in the seventies when the Kin Tut exhibition went on tour? Pantone took notice of the James Turrell 2013 light installation at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The dominant color? Radiant orchid.




radiant orchid | purple cars | 2014 color trends | color of the year
@thecarguide reviews Purple Plasma cars

Color Technology for Cars

Technology for creating colors for cars is also a good predictor of trends. The color purple started appearing not just on specialty cars like a Rolls Royce, but also on mainstream brands like this Mitsubishi hatchback.


Home Decor and Accents

Home decor and accessories are another barometer on trends. The color may appear in bathroom cabinets and other surface materials, purple paint ( my blog review on 11 Perfect Purple Paint Shades) or in an accessory, like pillows and purple art. My peacock art has been popular with collectors because of the purple shades. {see all my purple peacock art and accessories}

2014 color or the year Radiant orchid
Radiant Orchid seen on a plethora of products
{more shopping details on Color Obsession: Radiant Orchid}

Color of the Year is a Reflection rather than a prediction

Pressman pointed out that often the color of the year will appear in a previous year and then it gains momentum with consumers. We have been seeing purple as a trend in recent years taking many forms. Pantone's report is more of a reflection of trends already happening in the marketplace rather than a prediction.

Lots of etsy finds in Radiant Orchid!

Question: How have you incorporated this trend into your home or wardrobe? Let me know... your comments let me know you stopped by and I'd love to hear from you!


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Friday, May 16, 2014

Take A tour of my Art Studio!

art studio #artstudio Tour by @schulmanArt
I have two large flat file storage systems which holds all my drawings, watercolors as well as paper and matting materials. No fancy ipod, ipad or i-whatever for me. I just like popping in classical CD's or listening to my local independent radio station, 107.1 The Peak.
art studio #artstudio Tour by @schulmanArt
I have a work island in my studio. The chairs are for my art students and clients who come to my studio. I usually work standing up. You can see a mixed media canvas I am working on right now. {check out my mixed media art for sale on etsy. If you are an artist and want to learn mixed media art techniques, hop on over to to see what is going on...}
art studio #artstudio Tour by @schulmanArt
By the way, I have five windows in my studio, and my cat likes to sit in them. Behind me is a huge peacock commission I am working on for a New York client. {discover all my peacock art}
art studio #artstudio Tour by @schulmanArt
My computer is in my studio where I write all these blog posts and keep up with all the marketing needed to run my art business.

So, what do you think of my art studio? Leave me a comment to let know that you stopped by!
More About Me

Hey, I'm Miriam Schulman and I create mixed media art to tell stories. I also teach other people (like you) how to craft your stories with art. I give you the techniques you need to get the results you desire which brings more joy to your life. 

My art has been published by Somerset StudioArt of Man and the New York Times among others and collected by an international audience. When I'm not playing with paint in my studio, you'll find me in a museum spending time with friends or family. Explore my art at or join the fun at I have lots of freebies there.

Ever wondered what my art studio looks like? This blog post includes photos and a video walk through so you can see what my art studio looks like!

For super fans only: You can stay connected with me through one of my newsletters where I curate my content for either artists or art collectors, but if you want to receive everyone of my blog posts the day after I write them. you can subscribe to them via by Email 
I write about color trendsmuseum musingsmy artart journaling and watercolor techniques.
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Use Hashtags!

Market your Creativity by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

how to use hashtags on twitter and instagram
pin this!
If you are confused the way I once was about hashtags, this primer will give you the answers you need to get better results on your social media accounts like twitter and instagram. I use hashtags to get new followers for my art business on instagram and twitter and you can too.

What is a hashtag? 

Any word that starts with a # symbol on instagram, facebook, pinterest or twitter becomes a clickable link to a search for all posts that includes that hash-tagged word. If you go to Instagram on an iphone you can put your finger on a word that starts with a #hashtag and see what happens. People do search on Instagram for things this way. If you are on a desktop you use your mouse to click on the word with the hashtag and it will bring up all posts that use the hashtag.

Do you set up your instagram account to post on facebook, or do it manually?

I have my fan page and twitter account connected to my Instagram account - when I share on Instagram I pick which accounts I want to share on. Usually both- but sometimes I skip Facebook if it is a picture I used in my blog and I know it already is being shared on Facebook.

art journal page by SChulmanArt
Tagged this one with #hellosoulhellomantras
to connect with classmates

How do you link your facebook fan page to instagram?

Instagram actually requires you to link your facebook page to  an instagram account if you are using hashtags and want them to work properly. ( so if they aren't, that might be why) Click on the gear on the right corner of your instagram account, scroll down to "share settings" and you can enter your facebook fanpage and your twitter account into the rights spots. You can also connect Tumblr and flickr accounts if you have those.

How do you share an instagram post in both places?

When you share a post with followers you add a caption and then you can click on the accounts you want the picture posted to... I found I am getting better interaction on both twitter and facebook since I have been sharing pictures from instagram! (a bonus!) 

mixed media collage art | allow change | by SchulmanArt
Tagged this post with #quote and #spring and got
likes from quote junkies.
Collect this mixed media collage art from etsy!

How many hashtags do you use?

When I share the post on Instagram I only include a few hashtags in the caption because I know seeing too many hashtags on a status update may annoy fans who are seeing the post on  Facebook. If I was being strategic I would choose hashtags that I want to use on Twitter since the first 140 characters you include in the caption will be used as a status update on twitter. The twitter update also includes a link to your instagram picture. I also will go back and add a second comment on my Instagram post with more hashtags.

On twitter, one or two hashtags is enough... on instagram I may use a few in the caption and then add more in a comment. Yes, adding hashtags in comments also work!

Do I need hashtags on facebook?

The short answer is "no." For some reason hashtags aren't effective on Facebook. You can still click on it and get the search results just like the other social media accounts but end users don't tend to search for anything on Facebook that way. So if I am posting something to facebook only I will not use hashtags at all. If I have posted a picture to facebook via my instagram account,  then the status associated with the picture will have hashtags. If I have time, I can go back and edit the caption of the picture to remove the hashtags and ideally add a link to something I am selling online.

how to use hashtags on twitter

Why do you need hashtags on twitter?

On Twitter sometimes people search for particular hashtags. That's why they are useful there. When you log into your twitter account they will show a list of trending hashtags. Right now a trending hashtag is #911MemorialMuseum so anyone who wants to add the discussion will use that in their comments. I found that I got more retweets on my inspirational quotes when I added the hashtag #quote or #artquote. When I used the hashtag #wedding on my recent wedding art tutorial , the tweet which also linked to my blog post got retweeted by wedding themed bloggers and others looking for content about weddings. This is a way to let people know what your topic is. Think of a hashtag in your tweet like a tag you might use on etsy or your website.

Are Hashtags necessary on pinterest?

Just like Facebook, hashtags are not necessary on Pinterest for getting your pins found. Some people like to use hashtags there, but they are only useful if you are tweeting your Pinterest post. For example, when you search on Pinterest for #peacock you will also get results for pins that include the word "peacock" without the hashtag.


Is it good to use popular hashtags?

Although you want to include popular hashtags, you will quickly get buried in the stream of millions of other users also using the same popular hashtag. The best hashtags are specialized hashtags within your market niche. For example, #wedding is great but #mexicanwedding is better. You will not get buried as fast and you will zero in on your market segment. Same with #art...better to go with something more specific like #artjournal. Although there less than 100,000 posts with this hashtag you connect with users faster who are looking for #artjournal...See what tags other people use to get ideas... perhaps #journalpage Of course, you can comment on the feeds of people using similar hashtags and they might follow you when they check out your sites.

What is a specialized tag?

Recently, I took an online ecourse with mixed media superstar Kelly Rae Roberts. I have to admit that I took the course not just to learn how she creates art but also how she managed the course and I am so glad I did. One of the genius marketing techniques she used was to create the hashtag #hellosoulhellomantras. You will see lots of ecourse givers create hashtags like this and let me explain how they work. First of all, everyone posting a piece of art or photo related to the ecourse uses the hashtag. This advertises her course because all posts that Roberts made advertising her course are also tagged with this hashtag. Anyone following users on instagram or twitter who use this hashtag can learn that the person posting took her ecourse. ( free advertising!)

This specialized hashtag promotes her ecourse but also allowed me to quickly connect to artists, both amateur and professional who were taking her course and many of them started following me. Of course, you have to use the hashtag appropriately-- I wouldn't use this hashtag on my cat picture.. but #instacat or #catart...well that works great.

Another way this helps, is she created a widget on the ecouse that "listens" to the hashtag and posts all the tweets and instagram posts that include that hashtag. This is hashtags working at their best.
Here are examples of widgets that "listen" for a hashtag: (this one posts the 9 most recent posts using the hashtag #artjournal)

Another example of a business using hashtags

I also like the way House Beautiful uses the hashtag #weeklycolorfix to organize their instagram posts on color. Since I also blog about color I use their hashtag on instagram to get their traffic to my feeds! (pretty sneaky, right?)

Another tip: Make up your own tag

Cat artist Heidi Shaulis post pictures of her cat as well as her cat art. In addition to the hashtags #cat #tuxie and #tuxedocat she uses the hashtag #charlieshaulis. Brilliant! {you can follow @HeidiShaulis}

Question: So did I answer all your questions that you always wondered but were afraid to ask? If not, let me know here in the comments!

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PSS You might also like my blog posts:
5 Artists to Follow on Instagram and 6 Reasons Why I Follow You on Instagram! 
not to mention Top Myths about How to Use Pinterest
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Art Journal Prompt: I am...

... an artist... by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

Looking for self-discovery or clarity? Keeping a journal or an art journal is an excellent way to pass the time without an electronic device and also connect with yourself. This art journal prompt idea is adapted from Ali Edwards "One Little Word" ecourse.

art journal ideas
Pin this art journal idea!

artist Miriam Schulman
Please don't call my art journal a coloring book!

Art Journal Prompt: I am

In this prompt you will start off with the phrase "I am" and then complete the sentence to meditate on who you are right now. The answer could be a series of adjectives that describe yourself or you can even do complete sentences. For example, " I am ...looking forward to the end of school." {I am not in school, but as any parent will tell you the school year starts to drain on us parents too. We get tired of supervising the homework, the carpools and then there are the ceaseless "end of year" events. I couldn't even tell you how many concerts I have to go to at the end of each year between my two children. May and June always feel like we have reached the end of a marathon. In my neck of the woods, the school year doesn't end until the end of June.}
art journal ideas
You can always add additional doodling to your art journal pages! Find my favorite art journal pens here.



My Art Journal Pages

Usually, when I do these exercises, I will free write on a separate paper-- or even the same art journal page and then the handwriting adds a dimensional layer of texture. For this one, I was playing with the idea of striving and seeking and never being satisfied. By coincidence (or not, if you don't believe in coincidences... perhaps it was the law of attraction) The art quote I had scheduled on my twitter and facebook page on the day I was working on this exercise read:
art journal pages
The first part of the art journal page starts with a Van Gogh inspirational quote:
Collect the Quote Art

I am seeking, 
I am striving, 
I am in it with all my heart. 
~ Van Gogh

Since the first two sentiments correlated exactly with my frame of mind, I decided to include the entire quote in my journal. For this part I used the letter transfers. Unfortunately, after I put in the quote I realized I was out of "t's" and also "m's" so I had to finish my art journal with a different font... my own hand writing. I always think that art journals look better when you see the artist's hand anyway. I worked on this art journal page during my son's wrestling match. ( you may have seen my post: Art Journaling on the go)

art journaling
Behind me is a HUGE 4x6" Peacock painting (commission) that I just started.

What I wrote...

Admit it... you want to know what I wrote, right? I mean when I check out artists' art journal pages I am really really nosy. I like looking to see if the single artists have been dating...are there clues to their love life. I try to read the partially obscured text.

I didn't want to be repetitive but I did want to highlight the features of myself that are positive...not merely because I knew I would be sharing my journal with the world, but I firmly believe that the thoughts that we tell ourselves become our reality. {so think positive thoughts}

The words on my art journal page:

I am seeking.
I am striving
I am in it with all my heart
I am ...
an artist.
I am a wrestling mom.
I am a music mom
funny, passionate, motivated, creative.
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