Monday, December 15, 2014

Best Interior Paint Color Ideas {for every room in your house!}

Do you want to makeover a room in your home with a fresh coat of wall paint but are paralyzed to start because you are afraid of making a mistake?


Trust the experts


Yep, I used to be that way too but I have learned to trust interior decorators to help me make a decision. Now, I am not talking about hiring someone. You have enough opinions (and bills) in your life.  Save your money for the house paint.

Eliminate the guesswork for no-fail paint ideas

Whether you are looking for bedroom paint ideas,  kitchen paint colors or living room paint ideas I have already done the research for you by religiously combing through my decorating magazines and curating lists for finding the perfect beige paint-- as well as the perfect red, blue, or purple!

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In The Ultimate Paint Guide, you will...
  • Learn how to create a calm room using paint
  • Identify the best paint color for showcasing art
  • Transform your home with bold colors that make a dramatic statement
  • Find the perfect beige paint -- as well as the perfect red, blue, or purple
  • Discover brown paints that will keep your house on trend without looking like a seventies flashback
  • Eliminate the guesswork by refreshing your home decor with colors chosen by top interior decorators to mistake proof your decorating.
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Ultimate Guide to Paint Colors for your home

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