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Art Goals for 2015

I have never been one for News Year's resolutions but I absolutely love setting goals for the year. One of the best ways I have found for reaching my goals is writing it down and then sharing it. By making my goals public it adds additional accountability to my goal setting and also by putting my goals out there, like on this blog, it also gives me a permanent place to look back during the year.

A page from my art journal...

Successes in 2014

Looking back on this past year, I have a lot to crow about. I pretty much hit all my major goals including getting published in an art magazine ( will tell you more about that later)  and also attending fabulous art retreats.

Goals without heart

On the other hand, there were a few goals that never came to fruition. For some, these goals simply took me away from my core art business and I just wasn't emotionally invested. For example, I had put on my goal list to pursue art licensing and I did attempt to tackle this by reaching out to agents and manufacturers as well as attending a Surtex convention. However, I learned that art licensing is not meant to be a side business and if you want to license your art you need to pursue that business wholeheartedly. In the end, I decided to focus on making art for sale and teaching in my online art classes.

A page from my art journal...

Resetting Unmet Goals

Last year, I had wanted to join an in person networking group, and I do feel badly that this never fully happened as I really could benefit from meeting more like minded peers. Therefore, I have put this goal high up on my list. The reason this goal didn't work so well last year is that I kept thinking I had to form my own group within Westchester and I simply don't have time to organize my own group. However, living in New York's backyard there must already be many in-person artist groups I can join. in order to reach this goal I plan on asking 12 New York area professional artists that I know if they belong to an in person networking group. Then, if that doesn't work I will start looking for "Meetups."

Getting better at goal setting

I think another problem with my 2014 goals was that they didn't get specific enough... for example, I wrote " become more authentic" --- what did I mean by that? And some of my goals didn't have targets so I have no idea whether or not I met my goals... was I scared of not reaching them? For example, I wrote "build a following on Instagram and on Pinterest." Since I didn't specify numbers, I can't feel bad for not reaching targets but at the same time I can't celebrate any successes either.

2015 art goals

  1. Live a life full of PURPOSE. I chose "purpose" for my word for the year and plan on filtering all that I do for my art business, and my art making by asking myself "what purpose does this serve?" I want to really get strategic about my art and my marketing efforts instead of repeating random acts of marketing.
  2. Join a Mastermind group. (or some other form of in person networking group for artists)
  3. Read books on marketing strategies. I actually am half way through Jeff Walker's book and I have Rework by Jason Fried and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  on my Amazon wish list 
  4. Build my email list to 5,000 contacts. Does that sound impossible? Currently, I have 1600 folks on my lists (art collectors and art students) So, I am talking about tripling my list and my next goal will tell you how I plan on doing that...
  5. Create Free Video Series I plan on creating free video series to teach folks how to draw and paint. I now know that my life purpose is to teach others my passion for painting. So, in order to make that accessible to as many folks as possible, I will be putting together short, free art videos. Specifically, I want to put out six free training series next year. 
  6. Design an advertising plan and budget. Instead of randomly deciding when to "boost" or pay for promotions, I want to plan on some advertising campaigns to get the word out on my free trainings
  7. Profit from my passion. My art business has been profitable but last year my income did not really reflect all the work involved. Moreover, I was disappointed with my financial contribution to my family. In 2015, I have a very real and specific income goal in mind. In December of 2015, I hope to be able to tell you that I met or surpassed it.

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