Friday, September 5, 2014

Art Journal Ideas: Hobbies to Go

Although school has started I still go by the vernal equinox and won't say fall has started until September 22. So we still have a few more weeks in the summer list challenge. For this week the list idea is to make a "packing list"

So today I am going to share with you some art journaling I did while I was on vacation. Now, I am notorious for forgetting things on vacation and then having to run and out and buy the essential (or often non-essential but somehow at the time seems completely necessary like I can't live without it.. ) So for my "packing list" I made a list of things not to forget and many of these items I have forgotten to bring on various trips.

 Initial Layers

I started this spread before I left 
( you can see steps in Two for the Road
In my initial layers I used scrapbook papers, 
prints from my watercolors, patterned napkins 
and Tim Holtz tissue paper. Also, the night 
before I left I added bubble letters using 
my black signo pen quickly writing down 
my "essentials"




My List

If you look at my list, I do recognize that I could survive without any of these. In fact, besides the contacts and the makeup, pretty much everything on my list are my hobbies. You would think that I would remember my makeup but I remember one trip where I flew to relatives in Atlanta and had to buy a full face of cosmetics at Walmart since I had nothing.

Packing List:

Bathing Suits
Floats (surprising this is the first year my kids did not use these-- now that they are older they like to laze around the beach and read)
Weights (for working out...these did not get used.)
DVD's (I played one once... I call this "fantasy workout" it is when you pack all your workout clothes because you imagine yourself using the hotel gym but never do. When we go to Cape Cod I bring my DVD set and I was faithful when I was younger doing a tape each day... Now I just put on my sandals and walk around the block a few times.)
Journal (but of course)
Pens (don't assume I would remember the pen bag just because I brought my journal. This is the kind of thing I forget-- I will pack "half" of my hobby and then the whole project is useless.)
Knitting ( I thought I would knit, but I didn't. Part of the problem was I really didn't like the knitting project I started last year. Last night I went through my knitting books looking for a replacement pattern to use the same yarn for a different pattern.. although art journaling is a great hobby, I realized I missed the counting in knitting.)
Blow dryer (this never got used either!) 
Camera (a real one, not just the iphone)
Sunglasses (all my pairs of sunglasses I own I have purchased on vacation when I forgot to pack them)

Art Journal Supplies

For this art journal spread I used neon pens, pastel sharpie pens, signo black pen, signo white pen, washi tape and a white faber castel pen.

What about you, do you bring your hobbies when you go on vacation?