Friday, July 25, 2014

Art Journal List Idea: Alliteration Name Game

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Are you looking for a new art journal prompt that doesn't involve a lot of writing and doesn't involve a lot of drawing? ( is it still an art journal? yes, it is!) I love making lists in my journal because it takes the pressure off to create a gallery worthy piece of art or a Anne Frank worthy save-it-forever diary entry.

Today's List Idea

Today's list idea comes from taking your name and then listing adjectives that describe you that start with the same first letter of your name. I had a lot of fun doing this. At first I thought I wouldn't come up with enough adjectives but once I started rolling I ran out of space. If you get stuck, keep a thesaurus and a dictionary near by...not the one on your phone, but the traditional printed kind you can flip through.

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Find some of the art journal supplies that I used here.

Art Journal Technique

For the actual page itself, I started simply with scrapbook papers and my own gelli prints. I love adding a border by hand  and using block letters. You can color them in, or fill in the negative space around the letters. If you prepare the background ahead of time, this makes a great project to do on a long car trip or in front of the tv. ( I watch plenty of junky tv...I am not going to lie to you. I watch the trashiest shows too...mostly on Bravo and Lifetime just to get an idea of my taste level.)


A look at my art journal page:

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