Thursday, June 26, 2014

US advances in the world cup!

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Have you been watching the world cup? According to my fourteen year old son, (which makes it true) over 30 million people are tuned in.. or was that just in America? Oh well, who knows... lots of people... more than ever. And why not? There is lots of drama, good looking men with great hair, announcers that sound like they are calling a Harry Potter Quidditch match and lots more. 

complicated point systems

Thank goodness for the New York Times infographic that explained to me how the US was allowed to advance even if they lost, or tied... they tied, right? No wait, they lost...but so did Ghana, but only by a little bit.

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So I am feeling really good right now that even though my country won, then tied then lost...somehow we get to move on to the next match. 

The World Cup in the US

I still remember twenty years ago when I was working at the Trade Center ( yes, I had a career before I became a full time artist) and the traders rewarded me by giving me and this other fellow a ticket to the World Cup semi-finals. I barely remember the game. I know I drank a beer. Maybe Ireland was in it... I think that because I remember an Irish coworker being insanely jealous that I got chosen to go over her since she was Irish. No idea who they played. Italy? Completely making that up.(actually, that was probably accurate, just checked Wikipedia, making it true) Yes, now that I think about it I remember the flags being similar and having trouble keeping track of what was happening....shouldn't be admitting to all this.. Hey, I was just out of college. Okay-- but it was Bulgaria instead of Ireland ( similar flags... same colors, different direction.) Now I am not sure what my co-worker was so angry about... I guess she thought she was a real soccer fan and I wasn't.

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Rutherford, New Jersey

Mostly I remember being stuck in the New Jersey Meadowlands parking lot with a coworker who kept turning his engine off to save gas. That, and that he didn't have air conditioning...but I was really happy I got to go to that world cup... in 94? 

The hours go by slowly, but the years fly by

Oh, goodness. 20 years ago. My son asked me if that made me feel old, and it doesn't. It just makes me aware of how quickly time passes and not to take any moment for granted.

So good luck USA! Let's have something else to celebrate next week!
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Are you watching the World Cup? Who are you rooting for?