Friday, June 13, 2014

Summertime Challenge for you!

art journal ideas | #artjournal by @schulmanArt
Want to join me on a summertime creative adventure?
Looking for inspiration for a blog post or for your art journal? This blog post includes an art journal prompt and a challenge for you to write or create each week this summer.

About #52lists


This year I got started on art journal and list making. Blogger Moorea Seal had been posting ideas on her blog each week for a list. Since she opened her new boutique in Seattle she understandable has let the 52 weeks of list making fall by the wayside...but that is no reason for you or I to stop making lists.



art journal ideas | #artjournal by @schulmanArt
What are YOU most  looking forward to this summer?

Summertime List Challenge

I decided to pick up the baton and host a weekly creative challenge. Each week I will post an idea for you. You can answer the challenge in any medium you want where you simply want to write a list, make a more elaborate spread in your art journal, make an artwork on a theme or anything else. The point is that we do it and share in a weekly link up party! I will host the link up right here on my blog. You can add a link to a brand new creative work or even an older one.. You can add your link right away or come back to it in a week or two. It is all up to you. All link parties will be open until the official close of summer on September 21st.

art journal pages by @schulmanArt
Summertime means barefoot in the sand!

Summer Has Begun

Summer officially begins on June 21st.. In New York, my kids still have school through June 25th, believe it or not.. I know for some, they feel summer is already here with their children out of school or their pool open.

This Week's Challenge

So in keeping with the start of summer, this week's challenge is to make a list of what you are most looking forward to this summer. (perhaps this weekly challenge?)

art journal pages | art journal ideas | #artjournal by @schulmanArt
A page from my art journal...

My Summertime Loving List

For me summer is about simple pleasures...
  • I can wear a t-shirt and shorts
  • swim outside
  • no carpools
  • sitting on my front porch
  • sunshine that keeps me warm
  • happy and hot
  • barefoot