Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 reasons you are losing followers on instagram.

(in other words, why I stopped following you on instagram and other annoying things you might be doing.)

If you want to know how to gain followers on instagram then you should avoid these five annoying behaviors so you don't lose followers. You can gain followers without following them back by being interesting and engaging... hmm, that's another blog post. Once you get an instagram follower, you want to keep them engaged and interested.

I started using instagram about six months ago and use it to get inspiration and to share pictures of my art process to raise awareness of my "brand." ( I am @schulmanArt, by the way) Last I checked I do have a few hundred followers. I can't profess to be an instagram expert but I can tell you why I stopped following you on instagram.

So, if you are doing any of these things and want to build your social media following, beware. Because if this annoyed me, you can bet it annoyed someone else too.
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Gain instagram followers ( don't lose them)

instagram 101

Instagram, for those who have been in some kind of technical cave, is a picture sharing app on our smart phones. You can use it to follow your friends or you can follow a brand or a celebrity. Since this is a visual application, all the sins are posting too much of something we don't want to see. Here are the five reasons I have stopped following people on instagram. Are you doing any of these things?


1) You post too many pictures of your new baby

I started following you because you are this fabulous interior decorator and blogger. I loved seeing all the pictures of your new apartment, and when you got pregnant, I even enjoyed seeing you delight in new each new addition to the nursery. Then the baby came and with it endless pictures of your infant. Look, I like babies too-- but this isn't why I started following you. I mean, why not post pictures of your cousin's baby or your Aunt? You don't do that, right? Why? Because we are not interested. If you want to share your baby pictures get a personal account. I mean, I liked seeing one or two pictures because it is nice to know you are human and have a life. I even sometimes pretend you are my friend, but I got bored. By the way, I stopped following you months ago, but I just peeked again at your account and four of the last 8 pictures you posted were of your baby.

2) You post too many pictures of what you eat

Okay. Now, I know this isn't a problem for everyone... food bloggers and people who like to cook like to see this sort of thing, I know. I don't follow those accounts. But you are a fashion designer. I really didn't think I would have to look at what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not interested in that. If I wanted to see food, I would have followed Cooking Light ( they have an instagram account, right?) or  Bon Appetit. I don't mind seeing Anthropologie's stylized pictured of lemonade on an Italian Veranda... those make me want to run out and buy an embroidered top and sandals so I can look chic drinking said lemonade. That's because these brand marketers hired professional food stylists to take their pictures. I know it is not fair, but your dimly lit picture of dim sum taken with your iphone (even with a fancy filter) doesn't make me want to buy your clothes. You see? It is all about the brand. Want to take pictures of your food? Save it for Weight Watchers.

(this is not me... in case you were wondering!)




3) I forgot who you are or why I started following you in the first place.

This actually happens more that you think. Perhaps, I started following you after I read Huffington Post's list of artists you should be following. Maybe I started following you because I saw another artist I liked was following you. Anyhow, you blend in with everyone else. Your name is "CreativeGirl5" or "artChick2" and I am not sure what your point of view is...and, well, yeah, who are you? I think this happens because you never post any pictures of yourself so I don't feel connected to you.

you are famous, and I sort of remember who you are but you are just random

Yeah, well. These may even be famous folks who may have lots of followers. We are following you because you are famous but you don't have a clue to what to post. You take artful pictures with your phone reminiscent of my high school yearbook... Those black and white pictures with Valencia or some other filter may look cool but... wait, who are you again?  Lots of times you have chosen a handle that has no relation to your real name..you might be famous, you may even be the boy I had a crush on in college.. but now I forgot who you are and your content is just not all that interesting. So, unfollow.

4) You are just too negative

Complain, bitch, moan... negative quotes like "life's a bitch and then you die".... all that. I come to instagram for a feel good buzz, not to feel your pain. By the way, I stopped following you on facebook too for the same reason... you don't know that because I may have just hidden you from my newsfeed, but yeah...I stopped following you.

how to gain followers on instagram ( not lose them!)
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5) You are a braggart.

Yes, we know that you are the most successful licensed artist on the planet, and I even bought your book or maybe even took your ecourse... but do I want to see the inside of the closet in your new mansion and every new piece of furniture you bring in? No, I do not. I did not mind seeing pictures of furniture from said decorator above (until she started posting pictures of too many baby pictures) well, because she is a DECORATOR but you, well you are just showing off. And I really didn't enjoy seeing what you wear every single day. I mean, I like Anthropologie too but I am following you because you are an artist, not so I could get clothes envy. So I stopped following you. So there.

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So, if there is a theme to all of these reasons it is definitely  "I started following you because I like your apples but you are posting oranges." Perhaps you need a personal account and an account for your business. I like sneak peeks into your life, but only a limited view. Make sure you choose an instagram name that is related to your name or your brand.  I am @schulmanArt everywhere on the internet, find me on instagram and you can follow me. I promise not to post endless pictures of my kids or what I eat.

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