Tuesday, June 3, 2014

10 Excuses for not making this awesome video (which you must see)

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Want a sneak peek at my new online watercolor class? This little short trailer gives you an inside look at my online class.

So, I have been procrastinating creating this video. Why? Well, I am a one-man show. I have to act, direct, film and edit my own video. For this trailer, I actually wrote a script! So that makes me a script writer too. For my online classes I am my own graphic designer and wrangler. No wonder I am always tired! It's a wonder I get any time to paint! I'd thought I share my excuses for not getting this trailer filmed sooner.. some reasons are valid. I mean, you can't talk over leaf blowers...but others, are just excuses.

Top Ten Excuses for Not Filming

  1. My hair looks bad....needs to be colored, is frizzy or dirty. (well, come on... They are seeing my face, not just my hands... and by the way, when I do the demonstrations and painting tutorials, not having my nails done is one of my excuses.
  2. My son or the the neighbor is playing basketball outside the window.
  3. I have to pack up etsy transactions (yay! my favorite reason) Want to see what I sold recently? You can take a look at my recent sales HERE
  4. I have to teach a live class
  5. My kids need help with their homework
  6. They're home... making noise, or watching tv (more noise)
  7. The gardeners are making noise with their leaf blowers or lawn mowers... or both.
  8. Someone is working in my house ( plumber, electrician, whatever) and I am embarrassed they will hear me... or they might make noise.
  9. I don't have time because... ( you can fill in a million things here... some are good reasons, most are not...actually, sometimes I spend all my time getting my grays colored and my nails done that I actually run out of time to film before the kids get home and start making noise.)
  10. I'm intimidated. ( I know, not a good excuse... I kicked intimidation's butt today)
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Do you make excuses for not getting your projects done?