Friday, May 16, 2014

Take A tour of my Art Studio!

art studio #artstudio Tour by @schulmanArt
I have two large flat file storage systems which holds all my drawings, watercolors as well as paper and matting materials. No fancy ipod, ipad or i-whatever for me. I just like popping in classical CD's or listening to my local independent radio station, 107.1 The Peak.
art studio #artstudio Tour by @schulmanArt
I have a work island in my studio. The chairs are for my art students and clients who come to my studio. I usually work standing up. You can see a mixed media canvas I am working on right now. {check out my mixed media art for sale on etsy. If you are an artist and want to learn mixed media art techniques, hop on over to to see what is going on...}
art studio #artstudio Tour by @schulmanArt
By the way, I have five windows in my studio, and my cat likes to sit in them. Behind me is a huge peacock commission I am working on for a New York client. {discover all my peacock art}
art studio #artstudio Tour by @schulmanArt
My computer is in my studio where I write all these blog posts and keep up with all the marketing needed to run my art business.

So, what do you think of my art studio? Leave me a comment to let know that you stopped by!
More About Me

Hey, I'm Miriam Schulman and I create mixed media art to tell stories. I also teach other people (like you) how to craft your stories with art. I give you the techniques you need to get the results you desire which brings more joy to your life. 

My art has been published by Somerset StudioArt of Man and the New York Times among others and collected by an international audience. When I'm not playing with paint in my studio, you'll find me in a museum spending time with friends or family. Explore my art at or join the fun at I have lots of freebies there.

Ever wondered what my art studio looks like? This blog post includes photos and a video walk through so you can see what my art studio looks like!

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