Friday, May 9, 2014

Nothing but Blue Skies

dazzling blue handbag | spring 2014 fashion trend
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Fashion Fridays by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

This blog post features how to pair a printed blue handbag with Spring 2014 hottest color, dazzling blue.

My Fashion Sense

I am not a fashion blogger. I really am not. I define a fashion blogger as the young women who dress up in outfits and take pictures of themselves... I know that not many folks are going to get inspiration from a 45 year old mother dressed up in her mom jeans. I am an artist and an art blogger. If you have been following my blog for any length of time you know my fashion sense is basically a striped shirt and overalls which luckily happens to be in style right now... just serendipity. (you can see last week's post on trend spotting stripes and denim)

Curated Fashion Posts

However, I do love fashion and so when I write these posts I depend heavily on other fashionistas to curate the looks I feature on my blog. This week's look was curated by on Polyvore. She included my Tree Tapestry handbag which you will find for sale on esty. (there is only one of these cute blue handbags left!)

dazzling blue handbag | spring 2014 fashion trend
One of a kind Tree Tapestry Handbag

Why I love this fashion look

Prints are all the rage but I don;t like wearing prints on my body. First, they are not as flattering as solids and second I don't want people to say "oh here comes Miriam wearing that same xyz printed dress again." A neutral dress looks great and you can wear it frequently. So to incorporate prints, I like having printed accessories.This sold dress is an update of the LBD by having it in Springs hottest color dazzling blue.

Printed Handbag

Tree Tapestry Handbag : This classic shoulder handbag with leather trim features a fabric sides with musical blue tree art and black leather trim. This blue one is in everyone's favorite color. The tree bark is made up of a collage of piano music which will win the heart of any music lover. The model shown here is coveting a bag for her cello music. I want one for my art supplies. The waterproof interior means I don't have to worry about spills. Also great for gym bags to carry your clothes and water bottle. Keep your cell phone and wallet in a waterproof inner zippered compartment. 

Jimmy choo shoes

Leaf necklace
$76 -

Yossi Harari gold bangle

Yossi Harari clip earrings

$110 -

Yves Saint Laurent lipstick

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Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Do you like wearing prints?