Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gardening Characters from Greenthumbs to Grina Kuzines

Caricatures from Memorial Day Weekend (oy vey) @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

This past weekend my husband and I visited the gardening center to buy some flowers and vegetables to plant in our backyard. I would love to brag that this is an annual tradition but we only started it two years ago and we actually skipped last year having a family wedding and Bar Mitzvah on consecutive weekends. I do remember my grandmother always planting impatiens on "Decoration Day" as she called it. Two years ago, I planted loads of them and they all died with that year's rare impatiens fungal blight. (but not before relatives and neighbors scolded me on my lack of watering or fertilizing skills)

When we visited the gardening center I noted there were distinctly two types of women there.

floral watercolor of purple irises by #schulmanArt
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Di Grine Kuzine (The Greenhorn Cousin)

The first type were middle aged women with over processed hair wearing worn out bras and yoga pants. ( I neatly fit in that category, in case you were wondering) These women are sometimes accompanied by husbands with various degrees of enthusiasm. Typically, I overhear these women arguing with their spouses about why they need more flowers and where they plan on putting them. (from my experience, I over buy and regret when the flat explodes into dozens of tedious of flowers to plant and water)

On a side note, those who are Yiddish-ly challenged, "Grine Kuzine" is Yiddish for "greenhorn cousin" and refers to a recent not yet assimilated immigrant. Greenhorns in particular refer to someone who is new to or inexperienced at a particular activity.

Planting Purple Petunias

The Consummate Gardener

The other type of woman I noted at the gardening center was the same age as the former and although her boobs were probably no more perky she concealed them beneath a chic linen tunic. This woman also wore her low maintenance hair either in a neatly cropped bob or pulled into a chignon. Either way, her hair was covered with a wide brimmed straw hat. She was ready for her photo shoot if Country Living  happened to pass by. These women were usually alone and confident in their decisions on what to plant with years of old money gardening knowledge under their belts.

I don't own a linen tunic, but I do have a straw hat...

What I wore

Feeling insecure about my own saggy bra, workout pants and lack of gardening know-how, I did change into this outfit before asking my teenage son to help me stage some photos. I love reading blogs where there are plenty of photos of the author so I can get a vicarious voyeuristic thrill into their lives. Whenever I have tried for that my family either doesn't understand my vision or I end up with a posed smiling selfie.

Colors in the garden

At any rate, I found digging in the soil very therapeutic. I choose petunias purposely since they require dead heading that gives me an excuse to go pick on something. This year I went for a pink color palette with hints of radiant orchid. Perhaps like Monet I will be painting flowers this summer.

watercolor lilies
Purple Watercolor lilies

What did you do over Memorial Day weekend? Do you  garden?