Saturday, May 10, 2014

Five Favorite Art Journal Supplies

art journal supplies
art journal supplies
Art journaling is great for all the down time I have when I am watching my son at sporting events. Here is how I prepare to art journal on the go...
art journal supplies
A peek at my art journal... and some favorite supplies.


Plans for Saturday 

As I write this blog post on Friday, I am planning to go to my son's all morning wrestling tournament on Saturday. Yes, I know... I said Thursday I wasn't going... that I was going to be selfish and indulge in an all weekend Mother's Day Bacchanalia...but I just can't. I mean this isn't about sacrificing really-- selflessly driving him three nights a week to practice was the sacrifice....watching him compete is the reward.

I am not allowed to knit.

So anyway, for those not familiar with this sport... the wrestling matches are only three minutes long. So for three minutes I get to watch him.... However, I have to sit around for hours in between the three minutes. Although I love to knit, I am forbidden from knitting. Apparently the feminine activity is not allowed at sacred masculine wrestling tournaments..or it is just too embarrassing.

I am allowed to bring my "coloring book"

My husband said I could bring my "coloring book" That is what he calls my art journal. My son has already said that "art journaling is mine craft for artists... it is for people who like to make stuff but really is a waste of time"

Prepare the page

To art journal on the go I have to prepare. First, I like to prepare the background. Right now I like to just paste on a bunch of collage scraps just as I do in my mixed media backgrounds. I am using Mod Podge simply because it is cheap and I have some I am trying to use up, but I really do prefer the pricier gel mediums. I also will add some acrylic paint to unify the elements.

cute pencil case
Peacock Pencil case holds all my pens for Art Journaling

Pencil Case

I keep all my traveling art journal supplies tidy in a zippered peacock pencil case. Of course, I  use one that I designed myself. You can see all my pencil cases HERE. I love my peacock pencil cases because they are padded and long and fat enough to fit all my pens {and I carry a lot....I used to use this one for cosmetics, and my eyeliner pencil is still mixed in, but the art supplies have taken over}

Special Pens and Supplies

The pens I carry with me at all times are the white brush Faber Castell Pitt Pen, Staples black Strata pen ( this pen will go over ANYTHING!), a white gel pen and these alphabet rubons I got for free when I took an art journal class with Seth Apter... I will be replacing the free ones though as soon as I find out where to get more. They alphabet rubons are in a convenient flip package with a strip for each letter and they look like stamped letters but go on cleanly. Love them.

Below are some of my other favorite pens. Discover the rest of my art journal shopping guide here.

Sharpie Fine Pen | Find art journal supplies at
Sanford Sharpie Extra-Fine Pastel Paint Pen, Assorted Colors

White Brush Pen | Discover art journal supplies at
Pitt Big Brush Pen 101 White

{One of my favorite art bloggers, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, included me in her round up of favorite supplies from her reader. You can check out our favorite art supplies in her post. You can also read why I love this blogger in my post My Favorite Art Blogs xo Julie for including me in your lovely blog!}

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