Friday, April 4, 2014

Three ways to style a sling bag!

union jack sling bag
Collect this one of a kind sling bag!

Fashion Fridays Feature a Union Jack Sling Bag by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

This Union Jack sling bag can be young and sporty or grungy and sophisticated. It all depends on the styling. Check out three ways to style this Union Jack sling bag!

Movie Themed Outfit

You're on your way to the The Fault in Our Stars movie premier wearing this stunning outfit! 

About the movie, Fault in our Stars

Have you heard about this movie? Until xofaith03 pulled together this outfit using my bag, I hadn't heard of it either. Right now I still have a lump in my throat after reading the synopsis of the book by John Green which narrates a teenage love story from the point of view of a young girl living with cancer. The title of the book is inspired by a famous line from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar (Act 1, scene 2). The nobleman Cassius says to Brutus, 'The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings. I don't want to include any spoilers but the novel (and presumably the movie) ends with the boyfriend’s words. He says getting hurt in this world is inevitable, but we do get to choose who we allow to hurt us, and that he is happy with his choice. He hopes she likes her choice too. The final words of the novel come from the heroine, who says "I do." The author made a deliberate choice to end the tragic story with words normally associated with marriage.

Casual and Sporty! 

(and now back to our regularly scheduled program!)

British Style
Brit Mix curated by rialrees featuring stamped jewelry





Grunge Style!

A grunge-style outfit based aroung the colours of the union jack, which in the background, gives and edgy,dark feeling to the outfit.

Shopping Guide

  1.  Union Jack sling bag by SchulmanArts
  2. Stamped jewelry by
  3. Lacy shoes $17 -
  4.  Alice Olivia long sleeve top
  5. Floral print scarve $8.33 -
  6. 2b long jean shorts
  7.  Paul frank tee $30 -
  8. Jane Norman crop tee $17 -
  9.  Chanel vintage jewelry
  10. iPhone case by
  11.  Rare London navy shirt $17 -
  12.  Alex and Isabelle Bow Hair Tie - Dark Red
  13.  Betsey johnson bracelet
  14.  Hair bow LittleCornerCreation
  15. Dr. Martens red ankle booties  
  16.  MuuBaa pleated mini skirt 

    Which style do you like best: Grunge, Sporty or Movie themed?

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