Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Three Ties for him You'll Both Love

pantone spring colors 2014 for men

Wednesday's Weekly Color Fix: Comfrey by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

Each week on the blog I have been featuring a different hue from the rainbow of women's spring 2014 color trends vis–à–vis Pantone's color report. Since I exhausted all the colors from the women's it was time to turn to the men's. ( want a recap? click HERE Placid Blue,  Violet Tulip,  Hemlock, Sand, PalomaCayenne red,  Freesia yellowCelosia Orange, Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue)

What's the same

The men's collection features a lot of the same hues such as placid blue (think of a pale blue men's dress shirt) or dazzling blue for an updated french blue dress shirt and many of the warm tones such as celosia, cayenne, and freesia ass well as neutrals such as paloma and sand. Consider the bright colors when picking out your honey's ties.

What's new

pantone comfrey | mens 2014 spring color trend
Pantone Comfrey
The shades that stand alone in the men's palette are Magenta Purple, Purple Haze, and Comfrey.

This week's color obsession is focued on "comfrey" which is similar to the hemlock in the women's palette but is a darker richer shade. According to the trend forecasters at Pantone: Comfrey, a more masculine take on the softer Hemlock green from the women's palette, to create a fresh, seasonally inspired look.

 Comfrey is really the name of an organic plant, so if you go searching for this color name you will come back with a lot of organic skin care products and salves.

best green ties for men
pin this so you know what to buy for Father's Day:
1. Men's Silk Churchill Dot Necktie from Lands' End
2. Irish Linen tie in stripe by J Crew
3. Ralph Lauren Neats Archive  narrow Tie

Want a recommendation?

I can't think of anything more anxiety provoking than shopping for a new tie for my husband. (Take that back. Shopping for a new bathing suit is worse than tie shopping.) No matter what I pick out I am afraid he will complain that it is too feminine and artsy or worse, just weird or unwearable. Usually, I just head into this boutique in Scarsdale called Rothman's and let the very well dressed salesman pick out a shirt and tie combo for me so if he complains I can blame them. When left to his own devices, my husband will buy a blue shirt that reminds me of the blockbuster uniform and a boring banker's diagonal striped tie.

You do?

Well what kind of self respecting blogger would I be if I didn't recommend something? So I scoured a couple of online places and found some ties that are this newfangled shade of green. If he doesn't like it, you can blame me. (but trust me, if you don't want a shamrock green tie or one with dinosaurs on it... these really are the most chic)

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