Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Win a hammered ring by Flowered Fox!

Ring Symbolism by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

Hammered Ring by the Flowered Fox
Rings are not just for weddings and brides. See the ring as a symbol of wholeness or completeness. In a ring, we see the circular pattern of our lives and the life and death cycles. Some see the ring as a symbol of reincarnation. Some are comforted by the peace it provides as it promises to fend off things not complete with its wholeness.  Rings also symbolize unity. Marriage and the sharing of rings in that adventure was probably the beginning of groups of people sharing a commonality bonding together with a ring. People wear rings to join others in decisions that have been made, like with an abstinence ring. People wear rings to join others through a journey that has been made, like sports teams who have won great victories. By wearing a ring they are unified in the same cause or show they are part of the same tribe or team.

Win this hammered ring when you leave a comment on the blog.
The Flowered Fox is  giving away a thin hammered ring. Winner will choose size. This hammered ring measures between 1 and 2 mm, this ring is diminutive, but maintains a force and presence all its own. This stand-out thin hammered ring was hand-cut, soldered, hammered, and tumbled for strength. The Flowered Fox offers sophisticated, trend-setting jewelry with a romantic flair. All pieces are hand-crafted with personal care for the best quality, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  www.facebook.com/thefloweredfox

 Contest ends March 6th


In order to be entered to win this ring, leave a comment on the blog about what rings mean to you.

** This contest is now closed. THanks to everyone who entered! The winner of the Flowered Fox contest is FairyRocks who said: Your ring is so beautifully simple. I think a ring is for remembrance. It is a reminder by the wearer, that someone cares for them. It is never about the diamonds or gold content. It is the ideology. I was looking at found Viking rings recently. Some of them don't even close, they have open ends. But, clearly, they symbolize eternity. Keep smiling and creating **