Friday, February 21, 2014

spring 2014 fashion trends: Pastel Power

Fashion Fridays by Miriam Schulman @SchulmanArt

Shopping Guide:

  1. Daytrip Chiffon Tank Top $25
  2. Helmut Lang Medallion Jacquard Shorts $216
  3. Joe's Ocean II Sandal $70
  4. Pink Peacock Handbags $68
  5. YooLa Dangle ocean green swarovski earrings $52
  6. ITALIAN-DESIGN Ocean Breeze Ring $45,829
  7. Peace Over the Ocean $295
  8. watercolor seahorse painting,
  9. Shark Pins Animal Button $2

Pastels will be HOT this spring

Sick of winter? (me too) Ready to try some 2014 Spring fashion trends? There is so much snow up north this winter that we are all dreaming of spring. One of the biggest trends spotted for spring 2014 are pastels.

Whether you want to get a head start on spring shopping or are looking for "resort wear" (which means clothes you actually wear to a resort, or to visit your mother in Florida.. or clothes that you wear if you are lucky enough to live in some place like Florida)

Peach Apricot

This really glamorous combination of peach apricot and mint green was curated by Emma of earegalado on Polyvore. Polyvore is this really cool site where you can either curate your own outfits and post them for feedback or get ideas from others. I found this idea because Emma decided to include my Peacock handbag in her set. Do you like her choices?

Pink Peacock Handbags

What about you, are you ready for warmer weather too?

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