Friday, February 7, 2014

Floral Headband Trend

Fashion Fridays by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

Spring Fashion trends
Spring Trends include pastel colors and floral headbands
I think I am too old for the floral head band trend. Nah, scratch that. I am too old for this trend...but that doesn't mean I can't admire these feminine and flirty headbands. (hint: How do you know if you are too "old" for this trend? If you were alive when this was in style the last time!)

Not just for babies and brides, these head bands channel your inner 60's boho chick. See how you can pair them with other accessories for a fabulously modern look.


Katy Perry in floral headband
Katy Perry rocks in a Floral Headband!
Shopping Guide:

(clockwise starting with headband)
  1. ASOS Blossom Flower Hair Crown $22
  2. Beyonce-62 Tan Lace Up Combat Boots $35
  3. Cream Eyeshadow $3
  4. Moisturizing Lipstick $3 
  5. Gold and Square Purple Stone Stud Earrings $28
  6. Poetic Peacock Handbag $68
  7. Blue Denim Button Up Skater Skirt $16 $24 (£10)
  8. PIECES Evanda Lace Oversize Top $27 (£17)
  9. Minor Obsessions Pave Diamond Moon Pendant Necklace $750