Friday, January 3, 2014

Art Goals for 2014

Fourteen for Fourteen @schulmanArt

artist Miriam Schulman
Here I am wearing one of my own designs.
1. Keep an art journal
2. Submit art for publication
3. Join an in person networking group
4. Pursue licensing contracts
5. find more wholesale agreements
6. attend one fabulous art retreat
7. Learn at least one new art technique
8. Build a following on instagram
9. invest more time on pinterest
10. create seasonal and holiday collections
11. Be more authentic in all that I do
12. Pay attention to the details
13. sell art in at least one
      nyc holiday boutique
14. continue to invest in online learning

     for myself and others

In the coming days I am going to get personal and real and talk about each of these goals!

What are your goals (professional or personal) for 2014?