Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Most Popular Pinterest Home Decor Pins in 2013

Most Repinned by @schulmanArt

popular pinterest pins
Most Popular SchulmanArt Pinterest Pins
Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms. I love organizing visual data into categories and getting inspiration. When I need an idea, inspiration or really anything I now tend to go straight to pinterest rather than google for searching on the internet. { follow me ! SchulmanArt}

So, I thought I'd share what my most popular pinterest pins were this year.

Decorating my front Porch! (73 repins)
I was inspired by a post on instagram by Better Homes and Garden, so I headed to my local farmer's market and picked up some seasonal color for my own front porch. This pin was repinned 73 times. Of course, I never posted what this display looked later when I had stopped watering the flowers and all the vegetables rotted. 

Repinned 170 times! (collect the art here)
Topping that pin ( and still getting repins) are two bedroom decorating ideas. Using my own artwork I like to search out inspiring decorating ideas and make them even better by adding art. Whenever possible I like to credit the decorator, photographer and all other known sources.

The sunny bedroom at left was found on Houzz.com I also pinned this without the art and with a different piece of art but the room with the purple irises got the most repins.

The most popular pin, 300 times and still growing is this eye catching red and turquoise room. The red poppy art adds just the right "center of interest" in a room that uses red as an accent color. (collect the art here)

Bedroom Decorating Idea (repinned over 300 times)

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2013

From DIY ideas to Home Decor & Social Media tips @schulmanArt
Wondering what the most popular blog posts were of 2013? Here is the round up of the top five based on number of hits
 Pink Handbags!
Womens Handbag in Pink and Radiant Orchid
Womens Handbag in Pink and Radiant Orchid
This must be a trend that folks are looking for.. with Radiant Orchid named Pantone's 2014 color of the year, women are on the hunt for pink and purple handbags to add that trendy pop of color to their winter and spring wardrobes. Now with Kim Kardashian sporting a hand painted Birken bag, the trend of unique bags is sure to take off.

How to use twitter to market your art
How to use twitter to market your art
How to Use Twitter to Market Your Art Social media tips are something every artist needs to know. I use twitter to tweet inspiring quotes as well  as share news about my blog posts and who is featured in them. you can learn more tops from this post.

Vintage Home Decor
Vintage Home Decor

Top Five Trends for vintage home decor 
This popular post was a collaboration with
Tania of Little Vintage Cottage.

She curated great trends from across the internet and her own vintage finds for great ideas you can use in your own home.

diy bracelets
DIY beaded bracelet tutorials

DIY Beading From Nature's Gifts 
DIY projects were a huge hit on the blog. The DIY bracelets and the DIY Halloween Costumes brought in the most folks. Will defintely have to make the costumes an annual feature!

marketing intern at SchulmanArt
Special thanks to my 2013 summer
marketing interns Stefanie Hindmarch (shown above)
and Emmy Hirsh who wrote
four of the top five blog posts!

What do all of these blog posts have in common? They were all written by guest bloggers! Want to write a guest blog post for SchulmanArt? You get links to your site and it is a great way to generate traffic to your sites from a new audience. Always interested in DIY projects, home decor ideas and social marketing tips like the ones featured here.

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Boys Bedroom Ideas

boys room decorating ideas with fox art
boys room decorating ideas
fox art | wall art for kids
Fox Art is a great decorating idea for a boys bedroom
Animal art adds color, whimsy and sophistication to this boys bedroom. The fox in the meadow is a classic watercolor painting that reminds boys of adventure and looks right at home above this rustic brown dresser from Pottery Barn. Scatter a simple blue rug and some vintage style toys on the dresser ( or just the lego set he recently completed) and you have a decorator look without a lot of effort.

The original watercolor painting measures 11x14" with an 14x18" with optional mat. You can slip this size easily into an affordable ready made frame available at most bog box stores. CLICK HERE to collect this fox art on etsy.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Free Printable Holiday Cards!

free printable greeting cards
free printable greeting cards! (designed by SchulmanArt)
With all the gift giving I decided the best way to get into the holiday spirit was to give my followers a free printable holiday card!

All you have to do is enter your email and you will be sent a pdf of this card to print from your home computer! You can use any 8.5x11" paper and fold and cut your card but I recommend using "notecard" paper. Avery makes a product 8315 or you can get a generic version from Staples. To get your image to print to the edges be sure to choose "borderless" printing!

CLICK HERE to get your FREE printable Holiday card!

I am still packing and shipping holiday orders and with priority mail shipping included with every order you can get it in time if you order by December 21!

Here's your last chance to get some goodies on or under your tree!

music lover gift idea
music lover gift idea!
holiday ornaments for music lovers
Holiday Ornaments on sale! ( Perfect for music lovers!)

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Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY banner

Fast and Easy Holiday Decorations for your Home  
by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

Right now I am completely addicted to instagram. I have an embarrassing whopping 34 followers, but I love stalking creative folks who I admire and lately they have been posting their holiday decorations. Don't you love all the artsy banners these creatives have been making for their homes? Here are some great DIY banner projects to try out yourself. {links to full instructions in the captions} {stalk MY instagram account! I am @schulmanArt!!}

DIY banner
Steal this DIY banner idea from Project Wedding
1) String simple shapes!
Why should brides have all the fun? This super cool and easy garland found onproject wedding can be made out of holiday red and green colors for a Christmas feel-- or just keep it simple with a vintasge look and book papers. Super easy and fun and I think my teenage daughter may make one for her room just for fun to have all year.

DIY banner
DIY banner ideas from Alisa Burke
2) Book Page Projects
Anyone else following Alisa Burke? She is very generous on her blog with weekly free projects and tutorials. She has an easy banner project using book pages. All you have to do is feed shapes through the sewing machine. Check out her post for instructions plus more book page projects. 

Free DIY banner download from Deena Rutter

3) FREE printable banner
You can also purchase a banner download OR just try out this free DIY banner download from blogger Deena Rutter. Super cute holiday colors. Just download the file, print on white cardstock, cut it out, poke some holes, and string it up! The small pom poms were purchased on etsy- or you can get some at a local crafts store.



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Looking for more DIY banner ideas? Let these etsy sellers help you add that creative touch to your home!From DIY kits, to just a little help to fully made-- no faster way to decorate for the holiday then to string up a banner! 
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cookies for Santa

Today we speak with Sweet Baker Courtney Hamlin! interview by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
Santa shaped cookies
Cookies for Santa!
I am always on the lookout for gorgeous cookies, so I was thrilled when Courtney Hamlin agreed to be interviewed for my blog! Courtney was born and raised in Orange County, CA, where she still lives and operates her custom Bake Shop. She studied the art of baking at the Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy for one year. which  has truly influenced her approach to baking. She incorporates Old World, rustic design and intertwines them with New World, modern approaches to dessert design.

Bridal Cookies!
Bridal Cookies!
SchulmanArt:  So how long have you been selling your baked goods?
Courtney Hamlin:  I have been on professionally selling my hand-crafted pastries under Flavor Pursuit Bakeshop since April 2013. I branched out to begin selling on Etsy in September 2013.  I love being creative with all the different shapes of decorated cookies and giving a "blank canvas" a colorful personality. Decorated cookies are a perfect dessert option to customize to fit any special occasion events.
Hamlin with her gorgeous green & purple layer cake!
SchulmanArt: How do you get your ideas for cookie designs?
The best selling holiday is the Christmas collection, where Flavor Pursuit offers over 15 different holiday shapes. Every cookie order is hand-crafted and made to order for the ultimate freshness. My customers constantly inspire me. I love hearing their ideas and turning them into a edible creation...whether through cake, cookies, or other sweet treats. All recipes are original recipes that have been developed and perfected in the pursuit of the best flavors. The art and creativity goes beyond just the design of the desserts but is rooted in the recipe development and combination of ingredients, as well.

SchulmanArt: Describe a typical day for you.
Courtney Hamlin:  A typical day for me is always in the kitchen. I am either prepping, fulfilling orders, or experimenting in recipe development. When I am not in the kitchen, I am generally trying to connect with current or future customers.

Dream Kitchen for a Dream Career! (connect on facebook!)
SchulmanArt: What is your kitchen space like? 
Courtney Hamlin:  My space is home-based with a dedicated kitchen space solely for Flavor Pursuit production. It consists of bins for 50+ lbs of flours and sugars, along with shelving for storage and baking sheets. I have a nice view of the garden from my window that lets in the sunshine.

SchulmanArt: How have your parents influenced you creatively?
Courtney Hamlin: My parents have influenced my creativity through their support. They have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and to believe that anything is possible. At 24, I never would have imagined that I would have started my own BakeShop and pursuing my passion in pastries full heartedly.

wedding favor cookies
wedding favor cookies by
SchulmanArt: What do advice do you wish you could give your sixteen year old self?
Courtney Hamlin: At sixteen, I didn't think making desserts all day could be a viable dream to make a career out of...but turns out, it is possible. If I could do anything different, I would have embraced pastry with more interest and focus at a younger age, only to have furthered my experience and grow my talents. Truly, anything is possible if you have the passion, love, and drive to go after it.

Have you been Naughty or nice???
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Artist inspired by pop culture

Interview with Humorous Cartoonist  Mel @BEAN_LAND
by @schulmanArt
Find holiday posters & cards in the Beanland Shop
Artist Mel Beanland gets inspired by life, laughter, fun, films, music, and friends. His work has a sense of humor and whimsy with a clear influence from pop culture. Beanland makes his home in New York

SchulmanArt: Where do you find your influences?
Mel Beanland I am from all over the place but I feel as an artist I now live and exist on the internet as all my influences and passions come from modern media forms; film, TV, music etc.

SchulmanArt: How long have you been selling professionally on the internet?
Mel Beanland:  I've always loved drawing and making collages and started to create icons for people on myspace back in the day just using Paint and it all kind of developed from there and I started to create posters etc that people seemed to like also.

Harry Potter Poster
SchulmanArt: How did you train to become an artist?
Beanland: I didn't study art! I've just done it all my life.

SchulmanArt: Tell us about your process
Mel Beanland: For a mixed media poster, I start off in pencil, then sharpie, then I scan in and colour using photoshop. 

SchulmanArt: What has been popular with your collectors?
Beanland: The "word art" and collages are a bit different and are all different but I like making both equally. The poetry collages sell well all year round and near big holidays the film and music ones do too, I suspect as they make perfect and affordable gifts.

Studio of artist Mel Beanland, connect with him on facebook
SchulmanArt: Describe a typical day for you.  
Beanland: Up, stress, work, home, relax, cup of tea, do some art, watch tv, bed.
SchulmanArt: What is your studio space like? It is a bit of a mess, lots of papers and pens everywhere. and a scanner. The window looks out into my back yard where currently I can see my cat going to the toilet in neighbor's flowers.

Check out all these other artists inspired by pop culture!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Great Gifts for Music Lovers (even him)

Great gift idea for music lovers-- this one a saxophone!
Men are so hard to shop for but if your man is a music lover then gift giving is easy. These musical gifts were deemed masculine enough by my teenage son and are really awesome as music gifts!  Each cover is embellished with an original aceo sized mixed media collage art or a fine art print.  The sides are painted and decorated with musical themes such as musical notes or instruments and the insides are painted black.  Fill these boxes with candy {for him} or a piece of jewelry {for her} and you have two gifts in one!

Decorative Box for fans of Yo Yo Ma
This decorative boxes are perfect to keep your favorite jewelry and secret treasures. Each box has a unique look, making it an original work of art that will not be repeated. They make wonderful gifts for any occasion but perfect for your kids' music teacher or that musician in your like who you love.
{Click Here to choose your Favorite one of a kind Musical Box!}

Brass Cufflinks made with Vintage Sheet Music

Looking for more musical gift ideas for him?

Want to save on this art right now? let me email you the latest coupon
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

DIY wreath

Three DIY Door Wreath Projects by blogger @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I thought it was time to take the Indian corn off my door and add a seasonal wreath. I love all three of these DIY wreath ideas I discovered around the web. All of them are easy and will last you till spring since they are not too Christmas-y.{all links to project instructions in the captions}

CountryLiving Shows you how to made a wreath from cardboard tubes!from
Country Living has tons of wreath projects, but the one that really caught my eye was made out of recycled cardboard tubes. Just add a few gold bells for sparkle.

A hot glue gun some flowers to a form with this wreath project by Martha Stewart

Get your glue guns ready and you will see how easy it is to make a to die for wreath covered in flowers. Choose any color scheme you want from the vintage beige to colorful reds.

Craftaholics Anonymous gives you step by step instructions to make this beautiful Burlap Wreath

Count on Craftaholics Anonymous to tell you how to make another lovely wreath. The step- by step directions make crafting easy!

Decorate Elegantly! Give Generously! Celebrate Joyously!
Click HERE to Discover clever and creative touches for your holidays!

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