Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Color your world with art classes on Black Friday

Discover Watercolor Secrets!
Instead of shopping for material things this weekend, make an investment in your creative self with an online art class! All these super popular classes have been marked down to $18 and these saving will end Saturday morning. All of these online art classes at the Inspiration Place give you access to the online art lessons for a full year so you can take your time learning and reviewing the techniques whenever it is convenient for you.

If football is not your thing, then you can curl up with your laptop and watch these inspiring lessons in watercolor, oil painting and mixed media. You may find a project that will make the perfect gift for the holidays!
Register for Tree Tutorial!

Having trouble deciding which one ( why? for $18 you can get all four, these classes are normally $54-58!) Let me tell you what makes these classes special. Watercolor Secrets is the perect class for someone who wants to get started in watercolor techniques. Although many techniques are taught, these lessons are never boring as each technique is presented withon a project. There are four projects and 16 videos! {Click HERE to sign up an discover all kinds of watercolor painting techniques!}

Sign up for Summerscapes!
Tree tutorial is a great class to give you a taste of three very different styles. With guests artists Jan Scmuckal who calls herself a tonalist (think impressionist oil painting but in earth tones) and mixed media artist Blenda Tyvoll, there is truly something for everyone. There are four different artists and lots of techniques and projects! {Click HERE to learn more watercolor techniques, oil painting techniques, mixed media techniques}

If you have taken that class and are hungry for more, the tree teaching artists reaturn to give you their favorite summer landscape paintings. Over four projects presented. {Click HERE to learn more watercolor techniques, oil painting techniques, mixed media techniques}

Sign up for the Bird Class!
Finally, whether you love ducks, pelicans or even turkeys, you will not want to miss the Bird class! Sign up for this specialized watercolor technique class and you may get a surprise bonus video in the future for no extra charge! {CLICK HERE to discover painting techniques for creating realistic birds!}

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgivingukkah for Hanukkah

A Menurkey! by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman
What has 8 candles and feathers? A menurkey!
Hanukkah comes really really early this year... I mean really early. So early, the first night is actually before Thanksgiving! This is so unusual that they say this won't happen again for thousands of years. The Hebrew calendar is a lunar calendar with a leap month which is why the Jewish holidays always fall on different days. So I had to do my shopping early this year too. If you celebrate Hanukkah you still have time because really, you have until the last night to give presents.

turkey menorah
The curious cat sniffs out the unusual bird!
Anyway, to commemorate this once in a lifetime event, I made a "menurkey" This Hanukkah decor pictures an adorable turkey with candles in his feathers on a paper mache box. In two of the boxed, the sides are painted in holiday red, the insides are black. In a third Hanukkah box, the outsides have a yellow and blue rustic French country motif to flow with the Thanksgiving traditional colors.  A great gift for your Jewish hostess on Thanksgiving since Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving this year! Colorful letters on the box read: Menurkey!

thanksgiving hanukkah decorations
Fill the Hanukkah Box with chocolate and you have two gifts in one!
Fill this box with chocolate gelt and you have two gifts in one! This coincidence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving is a once in a lifetime event and won't happen again for thousands of years! I didn't think my 16 year old daughter would be interested but when I mentioned I might give it to my brother or sister she said she wanted to keep it. So she will be getting either the original, or a print of this Thanksgivingukkah Design. {Want your own Turkey Menorah? Collect the art while it lasts HERE}

This box is decorated with a rustic motif to blend with Thanksgiving
I only made four of these commemorative Thanksgivingukkah boxes and one has already sold!  I will be shipping all of these via FAST priority mail shipping, a 2-3 day service. Since I am in New York, this will be two days if you are on the East Coast and 3 if on the West.

hanukkah decorations
The Thanksgiving-Hanukkah Box they will treasure forever!
Are you looking for a Turkey Menorah this Thanksgiving? Collect this one of a kind Hanukkah box as a souvenir of this amazing event {box measures 4.5x4.5"} !

Pick out your favorite Menurkey Box while they still last!

Boxes are {CLICK HERE}
Menurkey Print {CLICK HERE}
Menurkey Original Art {CLICK HERE}

In addition to giving my guests their own little menurkeys as party favors I am serving latkes with turkey, my sister in law is making challah stuffing and we are having Hanukkah cookies with chocolate pecan pie for dessert-- a perfect blend of the traditions of two holidays!
Want to save on this art right now? let me email you the latest coupon

What are you doing for Thankshanukkah?
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Gifts for Music Lovers

8 Gift Ideas by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
  1. Fingerless Gloves with Treble and Bass Clef These gloves are perfect for texting teenagers and also for musicians who may want to play their instruments even when the heat is low. Each pair is masterfully stitched by hand using soft  Fingering Weight 100% Peruvian Highland Wool You can get these through
    Fingerless Gloves with Musical Symbols
    Fingerless Gloves with Musical Symbols
  2.  Cello String Bracelet.  I flipped when I discovered this clever bracelet made from cello strings. Created with real cello strings and silver wire by Arrives beautifully packaged in a red felt bag.
    Bracelet crafted with cello string and silver wire.. perfect for a cellist!

  3. cello earrings
    Vintage style Cello Earrings
    cello earrings
    Earrings from Alpine Gypsy
  4.  Cello Earrings. I was lucky to discover this one of a kind cello earrings set featured left by hardboiledmegg made with vintage brass cello charms. carries a similar handmade pair pictured on the right.

  5. Vintage Sheet Music Earrings

    Vintage Sheet Music Earrings

    Vintage Sheet Music Earrings A girl can never have too many earrings... what I love about these studs is that my daughter can wear them on gym days since they don't dangle. This style also comes as a music pendant by SovereignSea 
  6. Whimsical Classical Music CD
  7.  Music CD My daughter is a classical music nut-- if that isn't obvious by now-- and while we were visiting Oberlin College, I picked up a copy of the Oberlin Orchestra playing The Sneetches.. I thought this would a whimsical way to enjoy some fun music.
  8. music t shirts
    music t shirts
    Musical T-shirts
    I had bought my daughter one of these music t shirts in the past and she loves them so much that I picked out another one of a different design. What you will love is the music t shirt is designed with real vintage music and the colorful design is all over the front of the shirt. The shirt is made with softened polyester which is comfortable and machine washable. Better yet, the shirt has a nice flattering shaped fit. {Discover your favorite shirt HERE}

    gifts for music lovers
    Decorative Boxes make great gifts for music lovers!
    Want to save on this art right now? let me email you the latest coupon
  9. Musical Decorative Boxes ( not the kind that plays music!)Every once in a while I get the craving to get really crafty. This year, I am making a whole batch of boxed decorated in music and peacock themes. I posted a few pics to instagram {you can follow me!}. Anyway-- both my kids-- my 16 year old daughter AND my 13 year son say they want one. I was so happy to finally come up with a design that appealed to my son that wasn't too girly. So I will be saving a box for each of them and filling them with candy.
  10. cat plays cello by Andrea Lauren
  11. Cat Cellist I am hoping to get  this adorable illustration I found by Andrea Lauren of the papersparrow  printed on a tshirt for yet another music tshirt I know my 16 year old would adore... just contacted the artist, so let's see!{this was my daughter's birthday card and both fell in love with the whimsical artwork}

What gift ideas do you have for music lovers?

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

thanksgiving décor
Thanksgiving décor
If you're like me, you want your home to look great and especially during the holidays when you know friends and family are coming over. Just a few touches will add seasonal glamour that doesn't have to cost a lot and can go anywhere. In these three room examples, original watercolor paintings are paired with furniture by Pottery Barn to give you an idea how just hanging a simple painting will transform the look of your dining room into Thanksgiving decor and all of these touches will not look out of place in your rustic style when the holiday is over.
thanksgiving decoration ideas
Thanksgiving decoration ideas

autumn decorating ideas
autumn decorating ideas
Watercolor paintings of Indian corn, pumpkins and pears all add the colors of fall and work well with the rich brown buffets. {click here to discover more original SchulmanArt watercolor paintings}  To make your sideboard even more holiday ready, add some candles or a natural garland. There are some great vintage and handcrafted finds you can pick up from etsy to make your dining room even more special. From ceramic vintage style turkeys to rustic style napkin rings. 

To help you out, I made a Thanksgiving Place Card just for you!

Get your free printable festive place card when you subscribe to SchulmanArt

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inspired by a Change of Seasons

interview with Emily Riojas of the Bloom Shoppe by SchulmanArt

fall decor
Handcrafted Fall Decor
Let's meet Emily Riojas of the Bloom Shoppe. The Georgia based Bloom Shoppe is home to unique, handmade creations that embrace sweet southern life. Her one-of-a-kind painted mason jars make unique, rustic gifts, centerpieces and decor. Each jar is created with care, backed by years of experience in hand-distressing for a truly vintage look. They are perfect for wedding centerpieces, baby and bridal showers, office and dorm decor, and more. Riojas grew up in small towns in Florida before moving to Georgia where she now makes her home. The change of seasons is a great inspiration for Emily, especially the colors and smells of fall.

SchulmanArt: How do you get inspired?
Emily Riojas: I'm deeply inspired by the South - interesting things people say, the food we eat, the flowers and trees that grow so beautifully. As a child, I was surrounded by dairy farms and orange groves growing up (along with days at the beach), and this love of the natural world has influenced me greatly. After college I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and now live outside the city in a small town called Sugar Hill, GA. Living a little closer to the city allows me more access to the vividness of city life, but I love that my day-to-day routine keeps me closer to the country where I can see the stars at night! I have a deep love for the beauty of the South, and am inspired every day by the good people, food, music, and nature around me.  I love traveling around this area and thinking up new themes for jars, natural soaps, sugar scrubs and other "Southern Chic" creations.  I also love researching new color palettes and I love that my Mason Jar Creations allow me the opportunity to explore different hues.

mason jar centerpiece
The Bloom Shoppe prepares many months in advance for the next wedding season, as people tend to plan far ahead for these events. Check out her just released a "Peony Pink" mason jar set that is designed for the Spring/Summer wedding season.

SchulmanArt: How do you manage to care for a two year old and run a creative business?
Emily Riojas: Most of my day consists of chasing after a two-year old daughter, Sofie. Sofie keeps me on my toes, and my husband rubs them at the end of the day. My creative time is found in the mornings, evenings and during my daughter's nap and preschool hours. I squeeze it in as often as possible! As I'm thinking up new ideas and themes throughout my day and jot them down in my journal. Right now on my work table are several winter collections, including "Carolina Christmas" and a snowflake-inspired mason jar set.

teacher gift idea
"Candy Corn Mason Jar" design makes the perfect hostess or teacher gift for fall!
SchulmanArt:  Do you have a designated space for creating?
Emily:  Right now my "studio space" is a bit spread out. My kitchen serves as my space for creating natural soaps and scrubs, while my dining room becomes a beautiful chaos when I'm painting and distressing. Naturally I've taken over a bit of the garage as well, and have a desk in my office for the business aspect and paper art. I love that my creative ventures take up little spaces around my home.

Emily Riojas of the Bloom Shoppe
Emily Riojas of the Bloom Shoppe Connect with Emily on Facebook!
SchulmanArt: Does creativity run in the family?
ER: My parents are a huge influence in me when it comes to thinking outside the box and using nature in as many ways as possible. They actually have an art business as well, Nature's Bounty and specialize in birch bark art. They are both very creative and enjoy crafting together, which I think is really special. We like to "talk shop" about all the projects we are working on, and bounce ideas of each other.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Top Five Trends for vintage home decor

Incorporating Vintage Style Into Your Home
by guest blogger Tania of Little Vintage Cottage
edited by SchulmanArt

vintage home decor Shows you how to decorate with globes
Let’s ditch the old, stuffy, expensive “antiques” and talk about decorating with hip, trendy, and cool vintage items!

You very often see vintage accents in very modern and contemporary homes and it’s a great way to give a home character and interest. Vintage items can go in any setting. Collections of things are also a great way to add a pop of unique, vintage style to your home.

Here are the 5 best ways to incorporate vintage into your home right now and still look modern and trendy!

vintage home accessories
suitcases make cute
vintage home accessories!
1. Globes  
Globes are right on trend and easy to find, put just one on a bookshelf or style a whole collection together.

2. Luggage

Old suitcases are great for storing seldom used items and look great stacked! Vintage suitcases are fun, inexpensive and very easy to find.

Vintage Camera Collection by A Childlike Fascination

3. Cameras
Alone or in a group, the older the better!

vintage home decor
Vintage Decorating idea by Poetic Home


4. Fans
Vintage fans come in all sizes and colors and make a fun accent when displayed together as a collection! If the fans themselves are not very colorful or interesting, consider displaying them on a colorful shelf or table

5. Typography
Hang just one or mix and match for great wall decor! Vintage Violet Style show you how she created an interesting wall decor display with a mix of vintage and craft letter finds.
vintage decor ideas
VintageViolet Style shows you how to display a mix of craft and vintage letters

Tania is the vintage hunter/gatherer
for the etsy shop Little Vintage Cottage
Ideas in this post by Sarah of VintageViolet Style,
@PoeticHome @fleamarketinsid



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