Monday, July 29, 2013

SEO advice for your etsy shop

Online Video ecourse on Keywords and Tagging
by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman
Do you understand how to pick the best keyword phrase to get found in etsy relevancy search and on google? In four short, easy to understand videos I will walk you through three real etsy shops explaining how to research keyword phrases to use in your titles and tags that will work to bring you sales. You are not going to find a better video series on SEO (search engine optimization) to explain to you EXACTLY how to pick the best keywords and tags for your etsy items anywhere.

I will show you how you can tap into this free google resource yourself to unleash the most powerful keywords to tag your shop. This is a really great deal for getting more sales that you can put to work right now.

How To Improve your etsy business
In addition, you will get a fifth bonus video that teaches you how I use etsy's promotional emails to align my items with what's trending int the marketplace and drive even more traffic to my shop.

All of this advice is useful not just for your etsy shop, but for any online venue that needs better search engine optimization. SEO services can be expensive, but you can learn how to do it yourself.

As a professional artist with an active website, blog, facebook page and hundreds of sales behind me ( on etsy as well as ebay, and other venues) I am constantly emailed by emerging artists who want me to critique their art, their shop and help them. Finally, I am starting to share my secrets with you.

What to expect after purchase:
You will be invited to my online site can check that out now for free) I approve every member personally before joining to prevent spammers. Once you purchase the class I will then grant you access to the private group that hosts the online class. You will be able to view these videos from any mobile device including ipads. you also will have unlimited access to this course for one year and I am able to answer your questions right in a private forum.

Tags can be beautiful when they the handcrafted kind! Look what I discovered on etsy!
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Friday, July 26, 2013

DIY Dreamcatchers

Catch Your Dreams
by Emmy Hirsch, guest blogger

For more prints, find Natura on etsy!
Dreamcatchers are a fascinating part of the Native American culture, a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Originating from the Ojibwa Nation, dreamcatchers are believed to alter a person's dreams by protecting the sleeper from negative dreams. By catching bad dreams inside its web and allowing good dreams to filter through the center hole and descend down the feathers to the dreamer, the dreamcatcher would allow good dreams to pass while bad dreams would be burned off by the morning sun. Contemporary Native American dreamcatchers are still hand-made, all with one element sacred to the tribes of North America: the hoop. The hoop is held in the highest esteem, symbolizing strength and unity. As a traditional form of art of the Native American people, the dreamcatcher has been part of the culture for centuries and continues to thrive in modern society.

These four bloggers show you with their great do it yourself techniques how to make your own personalized dreamcatcher. This is the perfect activity to do by yourself or with friends and makes a sentimental gift that lets the receiver know you wish them sweet dreams. So have fun, enjoy, and dream on!

Find Bella's Dreamcatcher
necklace on etsy!

Free Spirited Dreamcatcher
Artist Rachael Rice demonstrates and teaches how to make small, whimsical dreamcatchers with hand-painted feathers using bangles and string. These miniature dreamcatchers would make great bag
charms, key chains, or hanging decorations!

Natural Dreamcatcher
In this tutorial, Gwen shows you step by step how to create an authentic leather-bound dreamcatcher. She tells you the exact materials you need and explains each step with a picture to compliment.

Untangle Your Knots
Check out Suzanna's etsy shop
for more Dreamcatchers
Stumble upon Anto's little corner of creation and inspiration and make your very own knotted dreamcatcher. Using simple materials such as yarn and tape, twist and knot the string to catch your dreams! This one is great for those of you who lik
e to sew or knit.

Eyes Open
You don't always have to be asleep to catch your dreams. Rebecca Minkoff teaches you how to make your own dreamcatcher earrings to will catch your bad thoughts. These are quite simple to make and will make you look as dreamy as ever!

Emmy Hirsch is an intern at SchulmanArt and will be an incoming freshman at Franklin and Marshall College.

mentioned in this post: @FreePeople @thisfashionismine @stardustsoulart @RebeccaMinkoff

Check out these dreamy finds on etsy!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Art of the Northwest Coast Native

Northwestern Coast Native Art 101
by guest blogger Alex Dawkins

Art of the Northwest Coast Native peoples - indigenous cultures based in British Columbia and Washington State - is distinct from art produced by other cultures within North America. This brief overview has been created to clear up some misconceptions about Aboriginal art and culture from the West Coast of North America.

First, there are twenty-seven unique Native cultural groups in British Columbia alone. These groups have their own languages and idiosyncratic aesthetic systems. The term 'Haida' is often used to describe Native art from the Northwest Coast, but the Haida are just one of many groups producing artwork...although this particular culture is indeed more productive than many! A more accurate general term is 'Northwest Coast Art'.

Second, the politically correct term to describe indigenous peoples in Canada and here on the West Coast is 'First Nations'. While blanket terms with anthropological roots such as 'Aboriginal' and 'Indigenous' are not incorrect, preferred terms are 'Native' and 'First Nations'. Terminology is different in the United States, where 'Native American' is still commonly used, and the controversial and outdated 'Indian' tag is still carelessly thrown around in everyday parlance.

Third, art and jewellery from Washington State and BC are based upon family crests. Crests are figures and symbols used to visually communicate an individual's family history and mythological origins. For example, the Gitksan of northern British Columbia are all divided into four clans: Frog, Eagle, Wolf, and Fireweed. Members of each clan then inherit secondary crests which are used when creating regalia and objects of adornment. This adherence to animal symbols (in such a structured fashion) is unique to the Northwest Coast when considering indigenous art from North America.

Finally, a noteworthy trait of Native artwork from this part of the world is the specialization of hand-engraving. Hand-engraved jewellery is difficult to find to begin with, and has its roots in European jewellery-making, but First Nations artists in BC and Washington State have really made inroads into this field. Jewellery-making and silversmithing is common with other indigenous cultures in North America - as with the amazing silver and turquoise pieces created by both the Navajo and Hopi - but the Northwest Coast is the only area where you will find intricately hand-engraved collectibles. Northwest Coast Native artists are always in high demand to engrave custom wedding rings here in Vancouver!

By far the best place to familiarize oneself with carving and jewellery from the Northwest Coast is Vancouver's Lattimer Gallery. In business since 1986, this Vancouver landmark carries works for every budget and strives to represent those artists who are determined to push this art form forward.

About the author: Alex Dawkins received his BA in Art History from the University of British Columbia and his MA in Art History from the University of Edinburgh, with a focus on Colonialism and First Nations Art. He has worked at Vancouver's acclaimed Lattimer Gallery and Vancouver's Museum of Anthropology. He currently resides in Vancouver and manages the Etsy shop - Art From Above Native Jewellery - which specializes in Northwest Coast hand-engraved jewellery.

Discover all the art on etsy inspired by Northwestern Native Cultures
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flexible Summer Art Classes in NYC and Westchester for Teens and Adults

Looking for Some Artsy Fun?
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

I got an email the other day from a high school student looking for art classes over the summer. She is just finishing up her summer "camp" program and wanted to know about art classes in our area. Knowing that many folks go on vacation and it is hard to commit to a regular class, I thought of some drop in classes in NYC and our own backyard of Westchester. If you don't live near me, check your local craft stores for their art classes. Many of them offer classes for free in order to encourage you to buy supplies!
  • Michael's (in Hartsdale) Where ever you live there is probably one near you. I checked out at the Hartsdale schedule and they had classes in cake decorating, wire wrapping, crochet and scrap booking.
  • JoAnn's of Scarsdale. This fabric store is a big competitor of Michael's so they also have a few cake decorating and jewelry classes but here you will find some fantastic sewing classes for all levels. A peak at their upcoming schedule I spotted a teen sewing class on Aug 11, 2013 and July 21, 2013 for $34 to make "Haute Headbands"
  • The Ink Pad, NYC
  • The Ink Pad in NYC There's a class every weekend with a different mixed media artist. Many of the artists who teach here are published in the craft magazines Stampington or Cloth, Paper Scissors
  • online art classes
  • Online Art Classes to do on your own. I teach online classes as do many other artists. Check out my classes for how to paint in watercolor with guest teachers in oil painting and mixed media!
mentioned in this blog post: @MichaelsStores @JoAnn_Stores @TheInkPad @Stampington

Artists Everywhere in Westchester!

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Decorating with yellow and white in your living room

yellow and white livingroom decor | read more -->

The Sun is always Shining by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
decorating ideas for living rooms | read more -->
A Georgetown row house decorated by Mary Douglas Drysdale, featured in House Beautiful July/August 2013 and photographed by Bjorn Wallander. Duck art has been digitally added to inspire you to decorate your own home with this charming watercolor painting

Decorating with Yellow

Yellow is such a versatile color and when you decorate in a monochromatic palette you can layer styles with ease. (tweet this) In this Georgetown row house decorated by Mary Douglas that was featured in the July/August House Beautiful, traditional and transitional pieces are mixed with ease to keep the living room fresh and modern. A
decorating ideas for living rooms | read more -->
Framing Idea: use a white mat and a gold frame to accent this duck painting. original duck art is for sale in my etsy shop and framed prints are also available from imagekind.
Madeline Weinrib rug defines the seating area and adds modern flavor to the yellow traditional damask upholstery (fabric is Marshall damask by Carleton V.) The yellow buffalo checks on the curtain fabric in Cornwall Plaid by Scalamandré add southern country charm.Finally, yet another fabric by  Sferra is introduced to add additional visual interest and pattern.

decorating ideas for living rooms | read more -->
Madeline Weinrib's rug is available from ABC Carpet and Home or from your interior decorator-- OR blogger discovered you can get this facsimile from West Elm for under $750 for a 9x12"












Compliment Your Color Scheme with Art

The artwork is not part of Douglas' design, but has been digitally added to give you decorating inspiration for your own home. You can collect the original watercolor duck painting or order an affordable duck print. Either way, the charming ducks as a bit of whimsy to the otherwise sedate family room.

mentioned in this blog post: @westelm
‏@CopyCatChic @CarletonV @MadelineWeinrib

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Miriam Schulman embraces her creative life with wholeheartedness in Scarsdale, New York. Schulman studied art history at Dartmouth College and abandoned a hedge fund career to work on her art full time. Her watercolor and mixed media paintings have been seen on NBC, published in art magazines and home decor books. In addition, the Hudson River Museum and Katonah Museum of Art carry her artistic accessories in their gift shops. She has been published in art magazines such as Art of Man and most recently in Somerset Studio. Explore her art at or take a class at
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Bastille Day Weekend with Art inspired by France

flag art, flag of france
A modern mixed media interpretation of the French Flag- original art on canvas, perfect for decorating your modern home
La Fête Nationale
blog by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

If you miss the festivities of July 4th, France is celebrating its own patriotic event this weekend: Bastille Day. Bastille Day is the name given in English-speaking countries to the French National Day, which is celebrated on 14 July each year. In France, it is formally called La Fête Nationale. This day commemorates the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution. This holiday comes with a military parade, and fireworks. So wear your red white and blue of Europe and celebrate our French friends on their day of modernity.

flag shirt, cool inspirational life quote
Discover t shirts with the French flag
If you like to collect and decorate with orginal art, then you will love the mixed media art canvas In this sensational art painting, the French flag with the backdrop for the motivational phrase C'est La vie-- that is life. Whether you like French decor, motivational art or are simply looking for red, white and blue to match your home decor, this flag art will please all. The French flag art is an 16x20" original one of a kind canvas ready to hang right on your wall without a frame!

For those who prefer art they can wear, you can get tshirts and tank tops with the french flag on it. Wear it alone or under layers, this fashionable and ultra comfy French flag tank top is a wardrobe essential.
eiffel tower decor
Love the Eiffel Tower? Then you will love this whimsical mixed media artwork
This original Eiffel Tower painting is purple and periwinkle blue touches of bright chartreuse green. The Paris art pictures a 3-D textured flowers with jeweled centers. A dragonfly soars in the violet blue sky. The Eiffel Tower has an inspirational metal plaque that reads: "Life is About Creating Yourself" The mixed media collage was created with pens, stamps, inks, art papers, passion, love and more. The canvas art is ready to hang without a frame. You will get enjoyment every time you look at this inspirational art as it completes your home decor and raises the mood of everyone in the room.

This art appeals to teenage girls, music lovers and sophisticated art lovers of all ages; would make a fantastic gift idea for a girl, or decorate a nursery or girls' room. Whimsical textured flowers, and cheerful colors add additional artsy touches.
This art measures 16x20" and is available with or without a frame.

Looking for more French Fun? Look what I discovered on etsy today!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Best Paint Colors for Cozy Bedrooms

decorating ideas for bedrooms | red bedroom with tree art | read more on

decorating ideas for bedrooms, red bedroom with tree art | read more on
An earthy bedroom deserves a warm landscape painting of birch trees
Most of House Beautiful's recommendations for the best paint colors for your bedroom include pale pastel shades of green and shades of beige. So the one outlier, a recommendation for this tomato red, really stands out.

Red makes a bedroom warm

This red would look sensational in a master bedroom or a man's bachelor pad. The color is masculine yet welcoming to all.

As designer Timothy Corrigan says: "I wouldn't normally think of using red for a bedroom, but this burnt red is so subtle and complex that you can't help but feel embraced by its warmth. There's an echo of Pompeii--but it also has a totally contemporary vibe that makes it right for today."

Bring the outdoors in

Bring the outdoors in with an original watercolor landscape painting. This tree art pictures birch trees ( or aspen trees) with the glorious red and yellow fall foliage.
The watercolor landscape painting would look good anywhere that you want to remember the joys of the outdoors. The tree painting is an ORIGINAL watercolor.

decorating ideas for bedrooms, red bedroom with tree art | read more on
Birch Trees by Miriam Schulman, original watercolor
Title:   Birch trees
Size:   8x10"  Original Watercolor Painting
Media:  Archival Watercolor on French Made Arches Paper

Love this art but not ready to invest in an original? Order a fine art print!

decorating ideas for bedrooms, red bedroom with tree art | read more on
Paint the Walls "Rodeo Red" by Behr- paint available from Home Depot

Why not paint a bedroom red? Red is the color of love and passion! (tweet this)

mentioned in this blog post: @CorriganTimothy @housebeautiful @HomeDepot @BehrPaint 





Discover bedroom decorating ideas when you grab this FREE guide!

Miriam Schulman embraces her creative life with wholeheartedness in Scarsdale, New York. Schulman studied art history at Dartmouth College and abandoned a hedge fund career to work on her art full time. Her watercolor and mixed media paintings have been seen on NBC, published in art magazines and home decor books. In addition, the Hudson River Museum and Katonah Museum of Art carry her artistic accessories in their gift shops. She has been published in art magazines such as Art of Man and most recently in Somerset Studio. Explore her art at or take a class at
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Best art for decorating a high Mantel Fireplace

Emulate Palm Beach Style
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
decorating ideas for living rooms
Living room decorated by Mimi McMillan, photograph by Eric Piasecki with peacock art by Schulman added via simulation
Turn your fireplace mantel into a wow-worthy focal point with a decorating makeover. A high mantel is no case for despair-- this is an opportunity for drama. Don't shortchange this space with a horizontal landscape painting. Choose an artwork with equal height and drama. For example, look at this Palm Beach living room. I digitally added my peacock decor to add the wow factor. You can get this look in your own home. Start with original peacock art, add lime green pillows and jade Chinese foo dog bookends. This mantelpiece treatment was created using Christa's South  Seashells. The sofa and slipper chairs are upholstered in a Pierre Frey pique and the floor lamps are by Visual Comfort. The tile floor- which is great for a Florida home, is honed Herpel tile.

peacock decor
Title: Poetic Peacock Size: 24x36" gallery wrapped Canvas, 1-1/2"
Looking for dramatic turquoise peacock decor? This extra large artwork is created on a canvas that measures 24x36". Flowers surround the meadow of the highly textured canvas with mixed media flair. The grassy filed is a symphony of olive green colors. The flowers have touches of metallic gold sparkle. If you are looking for a large painting to make a dramatic statement over a high matelpiece, this vertical peacock art will enhance your home decor.Wherever you decide to display the peacock art the artwork will give you pleasure throughout the years.

The brightly colored turquoise blue peacock rests on a brown stump. The bird is silhouetted against a coral orange sky in a season-less landscape. The feathers range from bright chartreuse green to softer turquoise blue and ultramarine green. The colors are modern and can't help but energize your interior making your home an artistic an inspiring place to be. 



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Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't let a small Kitchen cramp your decorating style!

Get the look in your own home! by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
bird art for kitchen decor
Kitchen decorated by Sheila Bridges, photographed by Annie Schlechter. Artwork by Schulman added via digital simulation to give you decorating inspiration for your own home decor.

In the summer 2013 edition of House Beautiful, Sheila Bridges uses a Swedish blue color palette and lots of decorating tricks to maximize style in her small New York City apartment. You don't need a kitchen island when you can hang an antique pot rack on the wall. This frees up counter storage and creates sculptural wall decor on a counter-less wall. Add a bit of color underneath the pot rack with original artwork. My pelican painting adds sunny yellow and watercolor blue to the otherwise monochromatic color palette of this small kitchen.

kitchen paint colors
Hemlock paint by Benjamin Moore
If you want to get this look in your own home, be brave and paint your kitchen cabinets with Hemlock paint by Benjamin Moore. ( I repainted my own 80's cabinets-- but went with white-- you could also do that and paint the walls this lovely blue-gray)

kitchen decor
polished Nickel Drawer pulls by Restoration Hardware
You can always swap out dated hardware on cabinets. These polished nickel drawer pulls are from Restoration Hardware. Such an easy do-it-yourself project for elegant makeover in five minutes.

Pair of Antique white painted Swedish chairs, with both Gothic and Neo-Classical Influence. The backs of the chairs show a Gothic Pointed Arch motif. The rest of the chair, especially the legs, have a strong Neo-Classical influence. The seats of the chairs are done in Caning. $975 for the pair. from R.T. Facts in Kent CT
Like the Swedish chairs? I scoured the internet-- and although you may be lucky to stumble upon an under priced pair you could end up spending hundreds on these.. check your fleas markets and used furniture stores first, but if that fails, consider this a worthy splurge. R.T. Facts is a specialty online used furniture store that carries a beautiful pair. You can add a seat cushion in a soft blue pattern. The fabric used here is a pattern of interlocking cubes from premier fabric supplier Osborne & Little. Ask for the Balyan collection in blue and charcoal.

kitchen paint colors
The designer painted her wood floors white to save money in tiles or refinishing. You can too and use Farrow & Ball's All White.

bird art
Invest in the original watercolor by Miriam Schulman or collect an affordable fine art print of this pelican art.
The decorator got her counters -- which are carrara marble- from Home Depot but the wall paper which adds even more glamour is her own design, Torino Damask in blue metallic. But in such a small space, you don;t need very much.

retailers mentioned in this blog post: @FarrowandBall @Benjamin_Moore @RestoHardware @harlemtoilegirl @HomeDepot  @HouseBeautiful

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

DIY American Flag Art you can wear!

Give your wardrobe a star spangled makeover!
by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

american flag shirt
SchulmanArt American flag shirt for sale
If you have some time this weekend in between the hot dogs and the watermelon, you may be inspired to get out your art paints and whip up one of these patriotic upcycled clothing makeovers. These three bloggers show you how with their great do it yourself ideas for dressing up your t-shirts, shorts and sneakers to wear for the barbecue. This is is also a great activity to do with your kids and you can enjoy these stars and stripes outfits through Labor day!

DIY American Flag Tank Top
This blogger shows you how to makeover a tank top using puffy stickers, tape and spray paint for a really fast makeover!

Paint a Pair of American Flag Shorts American flag shorts are always a big fashion trend this time of year and look cute and summery for the hot months of July and August to come

DIY American Flag & Union Jack Sneakers Go from drab to fab with three tubes of acrylic paint and some white canvas sneakers... not just for Americans-- you can also make sneakers with the Union Jack UK flag on them.

Not a do it yourself kind of guy or gal? There are lots of talented folks on etsy who will do it for you! Discover the best shirts, shorts, sneakers and more on etsy with patriotic style!

mentioned in this blog post: @sunglasswarehse @FreePeople @BlakeVonD

Free shipping in my etsy store this weekend!!

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