Thursday, January 31, 2013

What is Zentangling?

The Art of Zentangling
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Zentangle found on @etsy!

If you like to doodle then you may love to zentangle!  Zentangling is an art form where you take a basic shape, divide it into sections and then fill the sections with a pattern.  The complexity of the pattern is up to you.  This hobby is known for being very relaxing because as you are drawing the patterns the process allows you to zone out, thus the ‘zen’ part of zentangle.  You can make up your own shapes and patterns or use various templates and books to get ideas of where to start. These 15 blogs will answer your questions about how to get started and what to do, as well as different patterns to use and projects to make. 

more zentangles for sale on etsy!
Take a scrap piece of paper and put four random dots on the page.  Connect those dots with lines and you have a shape.  Divide the shape into sections.  Fill the sections with pattern and you are off and running on Zentangling.  These five blog entries will give you the basics of how to get started.

  1. Zentangles—The Basic Basics This blogger explains all of the important basics of zentangling, such as that the line you draw when drawing a shape is called a “string.”
  2. Zentangle Basics Thelma shows some examples of the practice work she has done when learning some of the basic patterns.
  3. Review: Zentangle Basics and Zentangle 2 by Suzanne McNeill If you are looking for a book to help you get started, then this might be the one for you.  This contains a comprehensive review complete with examples of the patterns, as well as the blogger’s attempts at Zentangling.
  4. It Takes One to Tangle This beginner takes you on her journey of discovering the art of Zentangling.  Reading about how she started can help you get started too.
  5. How to Draw Zentangle Eye (Doodles) This video gives you an idea of how to create zentangles shaped like eyes.
color, pattern and fun!
Figuring out the basic patterns to fill your zentangles with is half the battle.  There are tons of patterns on these blog entries that will give you hours of patterns to zentangle.  There are also patterns to trace to get your starting shape if you don’t feel comfortable free hand drawing a box or eye shape. These five blog posts are full of different zentangling ideas.

  1. Revisiting the Basics One Year After You can find a bunch of basic patterns on this blog.  This blogger encourages you to learn the basic patterns first to help you achieve the ‘Zen’ part of Zentangles.
  2. Printable Zentangle Patterns- Get Beautiful Zentangle Patterns! Watch a video on this blog that shows the blogger creating a sampler of many patterns that you can use to fill your sections.  The video is sped up and is amazing to watch.
  3. Zentangles- My First Pattern: Y-Ful Power A breakdown of the pattern is shown and is simple to follow along with, allowing you to duplicate the pattern if you like it.
  4. Zentangle Pattern The name of this pattern is ‘Mumsy’ and she shows you step by step how she created it.
  5. Zentangle Pattern, Enjoy and Create! ‘Wishbone’ is the name of the pattern on this blog.  A final sampler project is shown, as are the steps to create the ‘wishbone’ pattern.
Zentangling- the zen in drawing

Zentangle treasury
Once you get the hang of Zentangling and you find yourself with a bunch of zentangled shapes, what do you do with them?  You can make a card, a framed work of art, a quilt or even paint your nails to match.  These five blog articles will show you how to use your finished work and how to create new work using the same patterns.

  1. Creative Exercise: DIY Zentangle Quote in Watercolor There are many things you can do with zentangle patterns.  Create a short quote and zentangle around it for a piece of art worth framing.
  2. Beaded Pattern Nails with Tutorial This blogger used a Zentangle pattern on her fingernails using nail polish.  She gives you step-by-step instructions so you can recreate her pattern.
  3. A Zentangled Card Once you create a zentangle design you can cut it out and apply it to the front of a greeting card.  See how to jazz up the base of the card too.
  4. 52 Week Scrapbook Challenge- Zentangle You can find a scrapbook page filled with zentangles and, once completed, you can add some black and white pictures to your page.
  5. Tutorial: Zentangle Mini Quilt Download the instructions to complete a mini quilt that uses all of your favorite zentangle patterns.  It’s a mini work of art.
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Love Quotes on Canvas

Love Makes Life Beautiful
by @schulmanArt Miriam Schulman

Framed Tile with Art!
Since I had managed to clean up the hall closet (unrecognizable, my daughter was surprised to see carpet on the floor) AND my car... I decide to treat myself to some non-commissioned art making! For this canvas I wanted to use Valentines Day as my inspiration going with the candy colored reds and pinks. I also wanted to use an inspirational quote: "Love Makes Life Beautiful" I had a lot of fun creating the 8x8" canvas using collage elements, and 3-d beads!

Ready to hang right on your wall without a frame!
Better than a Valentines Day card, this love note is a work of art! Inspirational quotes with art that comes straight from the heart! This pink and red mixed media original art on canvas has flowers with beaded jeweled centers. The colorful collage art painting has three patterned flowers and music notes around the border. 

Love makes life beautiful, floral mixed media canvas
This makes a creative gift for women of all ages whether for a sophisticated nursery room, cottage chic or boho decor. ( I used Tim Holt'z washi tissue tape for the border, Thanks Tim!)

I love you to bits, mini quote on canvas
The 8x8" canvas came together fairly quickly because I had already experimented with my small 4x4" canvases. The cute mini mixed media original art on canvas has purple and pink flowers with beaded jeweled centers and chevron stems. The art reads " I Love you to bits" making it great for Valentine's day or another special occasion. The colorful collage art painting has a bright chartreuse green glittery butterfly and a chartreuse green ribbon to hang it on a wall or from a kitchen cabinet knob or a dresser knob. The petite size also makes a great desk ornament.

"I love you" Mini Canvas
I did a series of these 4x4" canvases so you can pick your favorite or if you have more than one Valentine to send it to, I've got you covered!

I looked around etsy to see what other crafters came up with for their "love notes" Here is a treasury of some of my favorites. 

What do YOU like to give for Valentines Day to someone you love?

Handmade with love! (on @etsy, of course!)
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Having a Peacock Themed Wedding?

Tie one on
by Miriam Schulman, @SchulmanArt

Peacock Card Tags for place cards, tie onto favors or wine bottles!
Looking for more peacock themed wedding decor? This peacock bookmark makes a creative and practical wedding favor for a reader or book lover. Tie it around a wine bottle to use as a wine card or write the names on the back to decorate a gift. Use this as a gift card to make your present extra special. If you are a bride and want to bulk order a set for an upcoming peacock themed wedding, I am happy to give a discount on bulk orders!!! Want this personalized? I can do that too. You can tie this around a wine bottle or a simple favor bag filled with candy!

Art has been varnished for long lasting protection. Each one is made with collage of papers, prints from my art, stamps, ink, acrylic paint and hand embellished with a black ink pen. Each one is original with texture and dimension.

peacock ornaments also make great bridal party favors!

Like my peacock art? Discover your favorite peacock art!

Want to see all my bookmarks and card tags? pick your favorite place card!

google SchulmanArt to learn more about the artist Miriam Schulman.

This is your opportunity to collect an original piece of art for less than the cost of a print! Each one is handmade and one of a kind! 

more peacock themed wedding ideas on etsy!
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Friday, January 4, 2013

How I combine Colors in an Abstract Tree Painting

Harmonic Herbology
by Miriam Schulman, @SchulmanArt

tree art
A Harmony of pale rose pink, dusky blue, burgundy and chartreuse green
When painting abstractly, it can be sometimes harder to arrive at the right colors than when painting more realistically. When painting realistically, I derive my colors from the visual experience often exaggerating what I see with my moods to convey a feeling. In this painting of a mixed media tree landscape, I let the colors I saw in women's fall fashion inspire me. Using an unusual color palette of chartreuse green, a flesh toned rose pink, a deep classic burgundy red and a light dusky blue gray, I artfully combined these elements into a balanced painting. The hardest part of my painting can sometimes be coming up with an original name. This art is made of torn piano sheet music and I loved the way the colors harmonized borrowing words from music I used "harmony" and then to create an alliteration-- I thought of the magical study of herbology. I mean where else would you find a pink forest but in the magical land?

bedroom decorating ideas
Add color to your living spaces with original art!
Original mixed media collage tree art pictures an abstract landscape with bare trees in a burgundy red forest with a brown funky leopard print on the chartreuse green forest floor. The collage elements are torn pieces of painted pieces of piano sheet music as well as torn patterned tissue papers. The painted piano sheet music represents the bark of trees. This stunning large wall art will look great with many decorating schemes. Dominant colors in this artwork are rhubarb wine red burgundy, bright chartreuse yellow green, leopard print, light rose and blue-gray.
tree art
Gallery Wrapped canvas, hang right on the wall!
Title: Harmonic Herbology
Size: 24x30" gallery wrapped canvas - 1 7/8" sides collaged with leopard print, paint and other textures as the front
Framing: wired and ready to hang--no frame required!!
colors: rhubarb wine red burgundy, bright chartreuse yellow green, leopard print, light rose bluish gray ...dusk blue

Discover More Tree Art !

Detail of color, dimension and texture of tree art

Do you love art and decorating?

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