Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Color your world with art classes on Black Friday

Discover Watercolor Secrets!
Instead of shopping for material things this weekend, make an investment in your creative self with an online art class! All these super popular classes have been marked down to $18 and these saving will end Saturday morning. All of these online art classes at the Inspiration Place give you access to the online art lessons for a full year so you can take your time learning and reviewing the techniques whenever it is convenient for you.

If football is not your thing, then you can curl up with your laptop and watch these inspiring lessons in watercolor, oil painting and mixed media. You may find a project that will make the perfect gift for the holidays!
Register for Tree Tutorial!

Having trouble deciding which one ( why? for $18 you can get all four, these classes are normally $54-58!) Let me tell you what makes these classes special. Watercolor Secrets is the perect class for someone who wants to get started in watercolor techniques. Although many techniques are taught, these lessons are never boring as each technique is presented withon a project. There are four projects and 16 videos! {Click HERE to sign up an discover all kinds of watercolor painting techniques!}

Sign up for Summerscapes!
Tree tutorial is a great class to give you a taste of three very different styles. With guests artists Jan Scmuckal who calls herself a tonalist (think impressionist oil painting but in earth tones) and mixed media artist Blenda Tyvoll, there is truly something for everyone. There are four different artists and lots of techniques and projects! {Click HERE to learn more watercolor techniques, oil painting techniques, mixed media techniques}

If you have taken that class and are hungry for more, the tree teaching artists reaturn to give you their favorite summer landscape paintings. Over four projects presented. {Click HERE to learn more watercolor techniques, oil painting techniques, mixed media techniques}

Sign up for the Bird Class!
Finally, whether you love ducks, pelicans or even turkeys, you will not want to miss the Bird class! Sign up for this specialized watercolor technique class and you may get a surprise bonus video in the future for no extra charge! {CLICK HERE to discover painting techniques for creating realistic birds!}