Wednesday, October 23, 2013

orange handbags with artistic style!

Autumn weather signals fall fashions
by Emmy Hirsch, guest blogger
orange handbags
Looking for orange handbags? This Shoulder bag will make the fall fashion statement and you can wear it all year long!
Looking for cute handbags? SchulmanArt's Sonatina Forest Handbag will spare you from missing those coppery golden rays of the setting and rising sun. This leather bag with a coral orange design goes great with the Autumn weather and fall fashions. The coral orange, yellow, and brown tones paired with jeans, boots, and a casual top portrays that "changing-of-season" look.

cute handbags for fall with orange fabric and leather trim
Add some color with an orange purse to your fall wardrobe!
The art on the orange purse has unique and original tree mosaic, complete with torn pieces of painted piano sheet music. This stunning artwork only enhances that sensation you feel when the sun rises and sets. My favorite time of the day is sunset, but I'm usually hustling and bustling and don't have the time to watch the melting sky. This orange purse is truly the cure, for it not only brings those colors into my constant sight but also it reminds me to take a few minutes out of each day to watch the day become night.

orange purse
Orange purse makes a stunning fashion statement!
The warmth and enrichment the colors of this bag bring can't help but make me feel energized and enlivened. The abstract landscape features bare trees lit up by the transformation of the sky. I really love this bag because it brings me in touch with the bigger picture: though it holds all my things and cell phone in the internal compartments, I value the reminder the tote presents: Don't miss too many sunrises and sunsets.

Details about the Sonatina Forest Handbag
  • Tote Bag Measures 16" (L) x 4.5" (W) x 10.5" (H)
  • Made from 100% genuine black leather
  • Double leather straps measuring 21" in length
  • Fabric handbags have a soft smooth satin finish and are lightweight
  • Zippered top closure so nothing falls out and keeps pick pocketers at bay
  • Nylon interior features a main compartment, cellphone holder, accessories chamber, and zippered hidden pocket
  • waterproof lining
  • intern at schulmanart
    Emmy Hirsch is an intern at SchulmanArt 
     and will be an incoming freshman
     at Franklin and Marshall College.
  • Print is the same on both sides of the bag
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Discover all the great ways you can add ORANGE to your fall fashion look this fall! Do you love orange too?