Monday, September 9, 2013

What to bring to an art fair!

what to bring to an art fair or a craft show

coin purse with flowers, peacocks
My printed coin purses were the best seller this weekend! The little girls LOVE them! from ages 4 to 40. I used clear bins to display which kept my merchandise from being buried and caught the eyes of passerbys.
I just had a wonderful weekend selling my art and wares in Old Greenwich this weekend at their annual sidewalk art show and sale. The weather was fantastic and I loved meeting all the people. I was fascinated to see how all the little girls went crazy for my peacock coin purses and cute pencil cases. I nearly sold out of the coin purses and will have to restock very soon!

As usual, I forgot to bring some things to the art show. Since I have a few more coming up I figured that I would take the time to make a blog post about what to bring to art shows that will also help my fellow art and craft artists.

What to bring to your next craft/art show!

what to bring to an art fair or a craft show

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For You

  • Name Tag
  • A notepad for ideas (there is lots of downtime which is great for spacing out and brainstorming)
  • Art Journal
  • Water, hand sanitizer, and food ( although I always hope to be too busy to eat!)
  • Chair
  • Hat, sweater - sun or shade

For your Display:

  • Canopy or booth if space permits.
  • Pretty Tablecloth-- I wasn't thrilled with mine this weekend-- why didn't I iron it?
  • Display Emergency Kit – Include safety pins, bungee cords, zip ties, scissors, twine, and tape. You might not need them, but your booth neighbor will be thankful you’re prepared!
  • Tape – heavy duty, duck, and scotch tape.
  • A Banner I don't have one yet, but this has got to be the last show I do without one. Nothing adds professionalism better than a clean eye catching banner. Also good to cover up said wrinkled tablecloth.
  • drapery hooks (use them for hanging my art to chicken wire fences)
  • folding card table
  • print rack
  • clear baskets for your wares-- much better than anything opaque-- I got mine this year from the container store
  • price tags (mark everything so your neighbor can help you make sales if you need to visit the ladies room)
  • sharpies, and more sharpies ( you can’t have enough!)
  • wet wipes to clean up after little girls have been touching your wares with their candy coated fingers
  • guest book?
  • business cards (you will use up so many of these) brochures, postcards of upcoming shows

Pretty Tissue paper from

For making sales

  • receipt book (I actually ran out of receipts in my book this weekend! good thing/bad thing)
  • ball point pen
  • Cash Apron or Fanny Pack 
  • Change – Don’t miss a sale because someone doesn’t have correct change. (always stock up on singles before you head out)
  • Packaging Materials brown bags from uline in different sizes and pretty tissue paper to wrap up purchases
  • calculator
  • Extra hardware and a screwdriver ( in case someone loves the painting, but hates the frame)
  • Credit Payment System — Setting up a card machine or a system that works with your smartphone may significantly increase your sales. -- I have an old fashioned swipe machine.

More ideas to try:

  • Slips of paper for people to register for a drawing ( a gift certificate or something free). By getting their name and email, I let them know I will add them to my newsletter on Mailchimp. I also have a bucket for them to put the info in. Descriptions of my classes that I will be teaching. Signage to let people know to register, etc.


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