Thursday, September 19, 2013

Inspiration is easy, Finding Time to create it all is the hard part!

Interview with artist Ashlie Weisel by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

art of Ashlie Weisel
Fall for Home art print by
SchulmanArt: Tell us about yourself!
Ashlie Weisel: I grew up in Crown Point, Indiana- about 40 miles outside of Chicago. I didn't see a mountain until I was 19 years old, and the closet thing to one growing up in the midwest is a snow mound. It wasn't until my husband and I were stationed in Germany when I was 22 when the real inspiration started to flow. I loved the houses, the yellow country sides in the Spring and the enchanting castles. Inspiration is easy, finding the time to create all of it is the hard part!

I have been selling on etsy for about a year now, on and off. Sometimes I will really rock it and load up my Etsy store with new creations, and other times I'm so busy teaching art classes that I forget about my Etsy store.

art studio of Ashlie Weisel
Insider's Look where art gets created in The Sunny Side Up Art Studio!
SchulmanArt: Where did you study art?
Ashlie Weisel: A lot of what I know is self taught. I took classes in college at the University of Southern Indiana in graphic design, illustration, welding and woodworking. I love to experiment with all sorts of mediums and finding my style within each one.
 Right now I love to illustrate my images and fill the color with photoshop and illustrator.
SchulmanArt: What kinds of art do you sell? 
AW: My best selling item when I go to art shows is my " Home" illustration print. It is a quote that I came up with and I feel a lot of people can connect with it, therefore making it a top seller
Currently I am working on self publishing my first children's book " Little bird, Big City"

SchulmanArt: How do you get inspired? 
AW: If I'm feeling stuck in a rut, I will usually take a hike up to the mountains in my backyard. That always seems to do the trick.

SchulmanArt: Describe a typical day for you.
AW:When I wake up, I drink the incredibly strong coffee my husband always makes, take my great dane for a walk, check emails, and then begin on the several creative projects I create for myself that day.

SchulmanArt: What is your studio space like? 
AW: At the moment my studio is very small and cramped because we are living in a one bedroom house this year while my husband is finishing up school. Most of the time I take my drawing book to a picnic table outside and draw there. I prefer to be out in the nature.

art of Ashlie Weisel
Connect with Ashlie on her facebook fan page!
SchulmanArt: How have your parents influenced you creatively ?
AW: My mom is an incredibly gifted artist who got me into art at a very young age. Seeing all the mediums she has been through over the years, and going from art show to art show when I was younger had inspired me to live the life as well.

SchulmanArt: What advice would you give beginning artists? 
AW: Looking back on all of the fails I've had with art, I don't think I would have done any of them differently because it was my mistakes that brought me to my style today.

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