Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Trend: Peacock Hues

Purple peacock art for your daily life!
by Stefanie Hindmarch, guest blogger

peacock printed handbag in turquoise blue and purple
This peacock hued bag goes great with turquoise!
Matched in sets or sported as an accent, sumptuous peacock shades show off your true colors.  The deep purple and bright turquoise of the Gipsy Rondo Handbag is right on trend with this fall's fashion color forecast. This handbag is based on a mixed media piece by SchulmanArt called Gipsy Rondo. The piece features a blue peacock surrounded by floating music notes. SchulmanArt created this stunning work with the use of paint and vintage piano sheet music.

turquoise blue and purple printed handbag
Peacock Hues Look great 
with neutrals!

I love how this bag can hold all your necessary belongings while also functioning as a work of art. Having beautiful artwork on your arm everywhere you go is a great way to incorporate color and creativity into your daily life. Seeing art that I love definitely de-stresses me, and as a busy student, I could really use more stress relief!

Turquoise and purple are my favorite colors, and I really love the way they look together on this peacock handbag! This tote bag would go with many of my outfits, because I usually gravitate towards blues, purples, and neutral colors when shopping for clothes. The vivid colors of this printed bag work really well with anything turquoise, or can be paired with basic neutrals to make the bag stand out even more.

turquoise blue and purple printed handbag
See more SchulmanArt handbags on Etsy!
What I love about this classic shoulder tote:

  • Measures 16" (L) x 4.5" (W) x 10.5" (H)
  • Made from 100% genuine black leather
  • Double leather straps measuring 21" in length
  • Fabric has a smooth satin finish that looks really expensive and won't crack or peel
  • Zippered top closure (so nothing falls out)
  • Nylon interior features a main compartment, a roomy cellphone holder, accessories chamber, and zippered hidden pocket
  • Lining is waterproof nylon so if I put a water bottle in there, I don't have to worry about it leaking and ruining the bag
  • Stefanie Hindmarch is an intern at SchulmanArt and is currently studying Management at the University of St Andrews.
  • Print is the same on both sides of the bag

How will you incorporate the peacock color trend this fall?