Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside

front porch decorating ideas for fall and autumn

outdoor fall decorating ideas | front porch decorating ideas for fall and autumn
Simple finds from a local farmer's market make the perfect outdoor fall decorations
I have a neighbor who decorates the front of her home for Halloween and Christmas in such enviable ways that I decided that this year I would decorate the outside of my house for fall. I have a gorgeous front porch that suits rustic decor perfectly.

Inspired by instagram

Since I recently swapped my trusty blackberry for an iphone just so I could use instagram (you can stalk me @schulmanArt) I had also got inspired by a beautiful front door in a pic posted by Better Homes and Garden. So with iphone in tow, I headed to my local garden center with an eye to reproduce the look.

Recreating the look

Many of the plants in the pic were regional so I had to improvise with what I found, I spotted a bale of hale to make an impromptu table that would show off the flowers and gourds. My husband is worried that the hay will attract field mice and he may be onto something because all the neighborhood cats have started hanging out on our front porch!

fall decor for the front door | front porch decorating ideas for fall and autumn
an inexpensive bunch of Indian corn to decorate the front door

A bunch of Indian Corn

Since I have a storm door in front of my front door, it isn't easy to hang a wreath but there was plenty of room to hang a bunch of Indian corn . I used the colors of the corn to choose the colors in the flowers.

All for less than you might think

My husband was also worried about how much I spent, but all this came to less than $50 including the fresh bouquet of sunflowers. And then I charged everything to my business account since I decided everything I used to decorate the front porch with would make excellent subjects to paint. All of my watercolor painting classes this fall are based on autumn themes like pumpkins and corn. { You can read more about my online watercolor painting ecourse here }

porch decorating ideas | front porch decorating ideas for fall and autumn
Fresh sunflowers for the front porch



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