Thursday, August 15, 2013

Test marketing Tees For Teens

Yes they really want them!
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
edited by Stefanie Hindmarch, guest blogger

inspirational life quotes on cool tee shirts
Inspirational words
  to lift your spirits!
I made some really pretty hand painted t-shirts by transferring my art onto shirts and then embellishing each one with markers and paint. I thought they looked good, but I wanted to see how they actually looked on real women and also how teenage girls responded to them. My teenage daughter had a group of her friends over to the house and I asked them to serve as my models. I was so happy that they absolutely  loved them, and even better, the shirts looked better on them than I had imagined!

cute shirt with peacock design
This peacock top
 is so cute!
What the girls really loved about the art shirts is that these tees go beyond the ordinary, basic tees you can find anywhere. Printed with inspirational mixed media originals, these shirts are uplifting and encourage you to 'be yourself' or 'be fearless'. They loved the empowering and motivational messages on the shirts.

inspirational life quotes on cool shirts
'Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken..'

Teenagers could definitely use more encouraging words; school isn't always fun! With these inspirational quote tees, they will feel strong and fashionable! All the girls wanted to take them home and the horse lover who was soon to be celebrating her sweet sixteen got the horse shirt she wanted as a present.

Great for animal lovers! This horse lover made it clear she wanted the shirt for her upcoming birthday!
Teens often shop at all of the same, trendy stores, and end up with very similar wardrobes. It can be hard to feel unique when everyone else is wearing the
same thing as you! With these charming art shirts, you or the teenager in your life will stand out, in a very good way! They make a great present for birthdays, or for anyone who wants to brighten up her day and her outfits!

Here I am wearing a shirt of my own design which you can get in my cafepress press shop
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Stefanie Hindmarch is an intern at SchulmanArt and is currently studying Management at the University of St Andrews.
What do you think teenages like to wear?