Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Entertain Yourself on a Long Journey

Beyond Sudoku
by Stefanie Hindmarch, guest blogger

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Planning a road trip or a plane ride this summer? If you find yourself getting bored on long journeys, here are some ideas for you to stay occupied until you reach your destination.

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This is an obvious one, but downloading some new songs onto your portable music player, or making some new CDs for the car can make a huge difference in your morale for the duration of your trip. Spend some time before you leave exploring new artists and genres, and you may discover your new favorite band.

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If you've been meaning to read a certain book for a while, here is your chance! Just make sure you bring some earplugs, otherwise you may get distracted by the noise around you. If, like many people, you feel ill reading in a moving car/plane/train, try downloading some audiobooks. They can keep you entertained for many hours, and you will finally be able to 'read' that new book everyone's been talking about.

New Skills
If you're feeling productive, why don't you use this time to learn something new? If you have a computer or other portable electronic device, you can download applications for learning a new language, self-defense, how to code, or whatever you are interested in. There are also many videos online that you can use to teach yourself just about anything.

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Car Games
Traveling by car with a group of people? There are so many car games that can keep you busy. Try the alphabet game, where you try to spot each letter of the alphabet, starting with A, by looking at road signs and license plates. Whoever gets all the way to Z first, wins!

You can also take this time to get in touch with yourself. When was the last time you wrote down what was happening in your life, and how you felt about it? Even just keeping a short record of what you're up to can be fun in the moment, as well as in the future when you look back at old times.
If you want to get organized, you can also use your journey time to make to-do lists, clarify your goals, and prepare yourself for the future.

Stefanie Hindmarch is an intern at SchulmanArt and is currently studying Management at the University of St Andrews
Put in those earplugs and get your travel pillow out; if you are lucky enough to be able to fall asleep while traveling, take advantage of these hours to catch up on lost sleep. Sweet dreams!

What do you like to do on long car rides?