Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8 DIY Bracelets Projects

Personalize Your Arm Candy
by Emmy Hirsch, guest blogger

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Gather your thread, yarn, leather, and charm because you are going to make your own bracelet! The following eight bloggers show you with their explicit do it yourself techniques and strategies how to make your own personalized arm candy. This is the perfect activity to do with the girls, make as a gift, or braid away on a boring or rainy day. 

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Leather Wrap Bracelet
Anette makes this leather wrap bracelet tutorial to share her secrets with you! In just fifteen steps, you'll have your own chic, stylish, and rustic wrap bracelet. These make great personalized gifts so wrap your finger around this and get started!

Cathy shows you how to make these quick and fabulous friendship bracelets in her step-by-step online guide. They say "more is more" and with these bracelets, you can add a pop of color to your arm candy while keeping it subtle with leather. You can make several of these in just about any color combination you can think of and they take minimal time.

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Beaded Wrap Bracelet
Wrap bracelets are extremely popular and they are so much easier to make than they look. Adrianne explains how to make your one-of-a-kind wrap bracelet with beads! Stone beads, seed beads, large beads, small beads... all will give you a different but stylish finished look!

Keep your fingers crossed! This blog includes instructions, pictures, and a youtube video to aid you in creating your very own knitted bracelet. These are very popular for summertime wear but it really depends on what color you choose to braid with because the style is suitable for all four seasons, for sure!

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Recycled Plastic Bag Bracelet
Plastic bags are not environmentally friendly but you can make use of them without throwing them away! We always have a stash lying somewhere around the house. Some bags are thin and transparent while others are more durable and opaque, but all of them can be made into bracelets. Read Susan's advice and you can go green in no time!

These are pretty awesome and are made out of popsicle sticks! Very few materials are needed, but get ready to get a little sticky because you will need tape! These bracelets are so much fun for the kiddos to make and prove to be very popular because they are all over Pinterest. 

You can take the girl out of the beach but not the beach out of the girl! This easy-going and low-maintenanced look is perfect alongside a bathing suit. Follow these directions so you'll be ready to hit the beach, pool, lake, or grocery store because yeah, they are that cute.

If you know how to do a fishtail braid in your hair, then you pretty much know how to make this bracelet. If you don't, it's never too late to learn! All you need is embroidery thread in various colors, some tape, and a bead. Just know that this one may take some time to make.

Emmy Hirsch is an intern at SchulmanArt and will be an incoming freshman at Franklin and Marshall College in the fall of 2013.
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