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The Ultimate College Dorm Room Decor for 2013

Got College?
by Emmy Hirsch, guest blogger

peacock decor
Peacock Paparazzi Pillow designed by SchulmanArt on Society6, great for dorm room decorations
It's that time of year where we're all rushing to Bed& Bath to discover this year's college collection. Keep in mind that theme, lighting, and comfort are exceptionally important when it comes to your living situation. So let's get started...

1. Comforters
Duvet covers from West Elm
A quality comforter should be an investment, not a throw-away purchase. If kept clean and in good shape, it may even last you all four years. West Elm offers a variety of duvet covers, quilts, and coverlets that come in an assortment of patterns and textures. The store's website also provides a "Bedding 101 Guide" that describes the difference between bedding basics. If you're not sure whether to get sheets or shams and a natural down blend or natural down alternative, use the article for clarification. Most college dorm beds require the twin extra long size so be sure to get the appropriate sized bedding. Keep it simple with neutral colored sheets and have your comforter match or enhance your dorm room theme.
Underbed drawer from The Container Store

2. Storage

Most dorm rooms are small and limited in space, and therefore it is essential to purchase storage materials. If they are allowed, bed risers enable you to raise your bed to make more room underneath, but if that's not an option, the Container Store will be the place to go. The great news is that many stores offer products from the Container Store, including where we all go for our big college shopping extravaganza, Bed&Bath. My recommendation would be to get the large containers that slide open and fit under the bed. This is a good way to store shoes, articles of clothing, and, of course, school supplies because let's be honest, it won't all fit on your desk.

3. Technology

Check out the Macbook Pro from Apple
Just like the comforter, this should be an investment worth your while. Though the expenses may pile up on the receipt, electronics are crucial for modern-day education. It does not matter whether you are an Apple or Dell person, but you must have a laptop handy! Some courses have online textbooks and assignments. It will also be extremely helpful when in a lecture you have the option to type your notes on a template rather than write down every last thing your professor is presenting, not to mention the abundance of papers, readings, and research you will be doing. Apple knows this is the time that every college student will either be getting their first laptop or a new one to replace the old, and they offer a $200 discount if you present your school identification. Just two very important notes: Please, please, please do yourself a favor and get warranty, just to be on the safe side, and if you want to transfer data from another computer, only transfer the most important documents. You don't want to clog up your new laptop with every single picture you've taken in the last six years!

4. Room Decoration
peacock decor
Peacock Paparazzi on Society6 for dorm room decorations
The last but certainly not least! Make sure you check out Society6 for incredible art prints. What is so convenient is that if you discover a print you like, you can put that print on almost about anything: stationary, decorative throw pillows, electronic cases and skins, clothing, notebooks... you name it! They make great accents to walls and there are so many designs and pictures to look from that you're bound to find at least a handful you'll want to take to college with you.

Emmy Hirsch is an intern at SchulmanArt and will be an incoming freshman at Franklin and Marshall College.

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