Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Four Art Shows to Visit in New York's Backyard this Summer

Showcases in the Summertime
by Emmy Hirsch, guest blogger

For all you art lovers out there, summer is the perfect time to visit interesting exhibitions and catch up on trips to museums. Not only do you have the time to do so but you are spending it wisely by exploring fascinating galleries and learning and experiencing a passion that is close to your heart. Exhibitions have the dual benefit of being both highly sociable and important networking events where artists, critics, dealers, art handlers, commissioners, and crafts people can meet and bond over the common love of art. By getting to see art work "in the real," you can truly appreciate and get the sense of the physicality, creation, and display of the art. So, take time with the art work that especially interests you and attend some art exhibits that can build up a network of contacts, find a crowd of people interested in the same things as you, and inspire you to create your own art.

If you happen to find yourself in New York this summer, these four art shows are must-sees. In fact, I will be visiting each one in the upcoming days. Reviews of my experience and my personal thoughts on the exhibitions are to follow!

Bryan Collier's Son of Promise, Child of Hope
featured on Katonah Museum's Website
1. Katonah Museum: Collage Art of Bryan Collier (June 30th to October 13th, 2013)
Winner of numerous awards, Bryan Collier presents portraits celebrating the lives of historical figures including Barack Obama and Booker T. Washington. His watercolor and collage images turn common-day experiences into memorable visual journeys.

Andrea Lilienthal's ladder
featured on Katonah Museum's Website
2. Katonah Museum: Andrea Lilienthal's Six Ladders (Through April 2014)
Andrea Lilienthal's bamboo ladders place themselves within the realm of fantasy and reality. Their functional forms are immediately recognizable but their unexplained presence and unusual structure lead viewers to wonder whether there is something more.

Federico Uribe's Faith featured on
Hudson River Museum's Website
3. Hudson River Museum: Federico Uribe's Fantasy River (June 1st to August 11th, 2013)
The Hudson River Museum presents a dramatic three-dimensional landscape inspired by dreams artist Federico Uribe. Witness how Uribe, originally from Colombia, creates sculptures, which are not sculpted but rather constructed and woven, and and his site-specific installation entirely from everyday objects.

Donna Dennis's Coney Night Maze
featured on Neuberger Museum's Website
4. Neuberger Museum: Donna Denis's Coney Night Maze (June 7th to October 13th, 2013)
Thirteen years in the making, this exhibition draws on the labyrinth of fences, gates, and ramps located beneath the actual Coney Island Cyclone, the 1927 landmark wooden roller coaster. Rising to a height of twelve feet and reaching twenty-seven feet in length, the installation includes an ascending roller coaster-esque track but with a twist.

Emmy Hirsch is an intern at SchulmanArt and will be an incoming freshman at Franklin and Marshall College.

What show do you want to see?

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