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Don't let fear stop you from following your artistic dreams

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Interview with DeeDee by SchulmanArt

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SchulmanArt: Tell us a little about yourself...
DeeDee: I was born and raised in Wilmington, Del. I live now in Philadelphia, Pa. I have been selling professionally and started selling professionally on Etsy since Sept. 7, 2008.

SchulmanArt: How did you learn to sew?
DeeDee: My mother made sure I stayed busy by putting me in all kinds activities like sewing classes, dance classes, ballet classes, karate classes, etc. I also took photography classes and wood shop in high school and loved them.

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SchulmanArt: So, you have had exposure to many types of art! What would you say is your favorite material to work in? 
DeeDee: My favorite materials to work with are denim, stretch fabrics, acrylic paints, and wire. The reason I love to work with these types of mediums is because they are all just so durable and tough.

SchulmanArt: What is your most popular item? 
DeeDee: My best selling item is my beautiful Thigh High Stocking Socks that a lot of fashionable women and girls wear. I do have seasonal collections once in a while. Right now I am designing and creating beautiful sheer swimsuit cover ups. I start preparing my collections in the spring and fall.

SchulmanArt: How do you get inspired?
DeeDee: I get inspired by so many different ways. I can be looking a something and see something totally different than how someone else sees it.

SchulmanArt: Describe a typical day for you.
DeeDee: My typical day is to get up early in the morning around 4am or 5am. I make some fresh coffee, grab a special K - Kellogs breakfast bar, and go and turn on my computer and log in. That's when the selling customer service begins.

SchulmanArt: What is your studio space like?
DeeDee: My studio space is like a creative/artistic room filled with sewing machines, craft supplies, mannequins, etc. My studio overlooks a back drive way so it is not all that but I can see one beautiful tree that blooms in the spring and gets covered by the beautiful white snow in the winter, so that tree can and is a pretty to see.

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SchulmanArt: How have your parents influenced you creatively?
DeeDee: My parents influenced me by keeping me grounded and active in all kinds of activities. Plus my parents always told me I could do anything and be anything I wanted to be, just always whatever I did, do my best at it, give it my all, and make sure I do what I love to do.

SchulmanArt: What advice would you give beginning artists?
DeeDee: The advice I would give to a beginning artist is to make sure you follow your heart. Do not let people or fear stop you from letting your gifts and talents follow through your heart and out of your hands. Also make sure to always have fun.

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