Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to Paint Ducks in Watercolor

Feeling Duckie!
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

how to paint with watercolors
online watercolor class teaches how to paint these ducks!
I have been having a lot of fun this year with my online painting classes! I told my mother-in-law that this weekend and she asked, "What classes are you taking?" She was so surprised to hear that I was teaching them!

I just finished making my part of the online class that I organized called "Summerscapes" that teaches you how to create three different summer landscape scenes in three mediums: watercolor (that is what I taught), oil, and acrylic. You can read more about that online ecourse here.

Sample of one of my duck watercolor paintings

I also put together a really fun class on painting birds. I didn't spend a lot of time marketing this class-- in fact I don't think I spent any time. I priced the class really low and just put in a single 30 minute tutorial of how to paint pelicans in watercolor. Yesterday, I just added part one of my duck painting tutorial.

Register for this class HERE!

Discover all the cute yellow ducks I found on etsy today!