Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dog Days are Over...???

Dog Portrait in Watercolor
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
dog portrait in watercolor
I got a commissioned dog portrait to do and these days when I have a commission, I have been pointing a camera at my work table and sharing the videos online. This one was a lot of fun because the dog was on wet sand and photographed in strong sunlight with dramatic shadows.

I loved painting in the sand, the shadows and the white whiskers. This pup looks so happy at the beach... Does your dog love the beach?

I am teaching an online class this summer called "summerscapes" where I will share my favorite summer landscape painting techniques for creating sand, sky and sea! Come on the painting adventure with me and learn how to paint in watercolors!

Discover all the cool beachy dog art I found while cruising etsy today!