Monday, April 22, 2013

Woobly World of Dr Seuss and Project Runway Fashion

Beloved Blue haired Dr. Seuss Character next to blue head piece by Project Runway season 11 designer Patricia Michaels
First of all let me say I am a huge Project Runway fan and have been watching religiously since sometime towards the end of season 5-- that's the one where Leanne Marshall won with her pleated light blue waves. I am not a fashionista, nor do I sew my own clothes but being an artist I could completely relate to the artistic process and was mesmerized by watching these artists go from challenge to completed garment. Soon my family caught on to the show. My daughter digging the fashion and Michael Kor's snarky comments. My husband digging Heidi Klum and watching the other models get "fitted" in the workroom. Actually, sexy models aside, my husband's comments about the fashions usually coincide with the judges whereas I often find myself rooting for the designer's whose personality I like the most.

Okay-- so enough background. Let's chat about last Thursday's part 1 of the finale. Did you love Patricia's funky clothes throughout the season? I did. I really loved her cool artsy touches and I truly loved the blue crepe and "micaceous" cocktail dress she sent down the runway. HOWEVER, let's talk about the headpiece. Nina Garcia can be mean but she was spot on when she compared it to a Dr. Seuss hairdo. Thing 1 and Thing 2?

So now.. here are some really cute creations, craft supplies and vintage Dr. Seuss I found while looking around etsy. Do you love Dr. Seuss too? Would you wear the dress or the headpiece?