Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Surrealist Art that will make you Smile at the Morgan Library

My Art Date Continues...
by Miriam Schulman, @SchulmanArt

Drawing Surrealism on view at the Morgan Library Museum in New York until April 21
Since the Degas Miss La La exhibit is just one room you will still have plenty of  energy left to take on the main art event in the center ring of the Morgan Library, Drawing Surrealism. At least my husband and I did on our art date on Sunday ( see blog post, dnm,nfa.) I have to admit, I had low hopes for the exhibit, not really being a fan of surrealism but I am happy to say say that this show way exceeded all of my expectations! 

Salvador Dali Doll available on galleryatwellsweep.com
Every drawing brought a smile to my face, and some even a chuckle. I loved all the visual puns and sight gags from the various artists. From the usual crew of Salvador DalĂ­ and Max Ernst to the unexpected additions of Jackson Pollock and Picasso who all experimented to some degree with surrealism....and why not, it is fun. Impossible anatomies and anatomical landscapes as well as silly collages and distortions of scale all make up facets of this drawing game which explore the landscape of the mind. There are 160 artworks on display by over 70 artists so there sure to be something for everyone.

TeaPoetics Tea Bags available from the Morgan Library gift shop or online from Bas Bleau
My regret of the day was not getting the exhibition catalog which they only have in hard copy ($60 full price, on sale that day for 25%off). There is also a ton of fun in the gift shop besides the typical coffee table books. My favorites included the Salvador Dali stuffed doll and tea bags with paper dolls of Shakespeare that sit above the tea cup.

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