Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Steampunk Fashion on Project Runway

So what is steampunk?
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
Steampunk fashion by Project Runway contestant Michelle Lesniak
Although I miss Michael Kors, thank goodness for this year's judge Zac Posen. He is young and modern and comletely gets the artistry behind two of my favorite designers this season native American inpired Patricia Michael's ( see yesterday's blog) and the Steampunk inspired clothing of Michelle Lesniak. When Nina Garcia complained about the trickiness of Lesniak's compass and accessories, Posen was the one who understood that her fashion was steampunk style... So.. what is steampunk? Steampunk dress has the elegance of Victorian clothing, with an industrial revolution edginess. Waistcoats and pocket watches all harken back to a time when clothing was more formal than it is today. There is a lot of leather, tweed and lace to be seen in a Steampunk fashion show, but you'll also see neon colors (probably why Michelle likes chartreuse green). Steampunk fashion often features jewelry, "inventions" and accessories. So steampunk jewelry is another trend you will find as well as steampunk art that incorporates gears, keys and watch parts ( Tim Holtz of Ranger is a big supplier for this kind of art.)

What do you think of steampunk fashion? Here are some more examples I found on etsy today while searching for steampunk.