Monday, April 1, 2013

Degas on view at the Morgan Library

A Date in the City  by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

Edgar Degas, Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando, 1879
Yesterday my husband and I went to New York for an "art date" This means I get to see an exhibit that is near a flea market where he gets to look for albums-- as in record albums, because yes, he has a turntable, and yes, I let him display them in our living room and he claims his collection is worth thousands, but it is not drugs or another woman, so I don't really care.... So we went to the Morgan Library which is walking distance from Grand Central and really quite intimate and nice.. which means he knows we can get out of there very quickly and there are no crowds...

Right now there is an exhibit of Degas' Miss La La. This is an interesting painting but only a true art history nerd enjoys seeing an exhibit created around one painting. Luckily, I am such a nerd. I have to admit, my favorite part was the interactive computer screen that had scanned pages from Degas' sketch book to let you flip through it!

When looking through the museum website this morning, I stumbled upon a really fun family program coming up at the Morgan: Spring Family Fair: Join the Circus!  Sunday, April 28, 2-5 p.m. I no longer have kids 3-12, the suggested age range -- or at least kids who pretend to be that age-- I have a 12 year old, but he is not going to go to an event with 3 year olds...anyway.. this sounds really cool, maybe I should grab my niece and nephews and just go...hmmm

Tomorrow, I am going to tell you about the other really cool exhibit at the Morgan, so tune in!