Monday, March 18, 2013

I don't sleep much~I just stay up @night & make things!

Announcing my artsy bangles and leather cuff collections!!
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

inspirational jewelry
Inspirational Fabric and Leather Cuffs!
I saw this artsy bangle online workshop and I was really keen to try it...Some of the bracelets I learned how to make were really cute-- especially the beaded ones, but the artist offered a decoupage bracelet where you used plastic water bottles as the base. That may be a cheap and fun way to make a bracelet if you're a girlscout...but I didn't want to wear the flimsy things, and I couldn't imagine anyone else wanting to either. So I scoured Michael's and flea markets for materials and came up with two designs I really liked. My first was similar to the artist I learned from, EXCEPT I used leather as the base.. that is a huge difference from the micro-thin water bottles. This way the leather cuff is adjustable, firm, and comfortable to wear.

Chunky Bangle Floral Bracelets!
The second bracelet I came up with used a plastic chunky bangle as the base and I decoupaged my art on top. I think I still have to give it another coat or two of glossy varnish before I send them out int the world....but I love this new collection and can't wait to make more!

all these etsy sellers use the full rainbow of pantone trends when making their handmades!